Tuesday, March 09, 2010

America More Respected Under Bush: Americans

Well, of course
"This is surprising, given the global acclaim and Nobel peace prize that flowed to the new president after he took office," said pollsters for the liberal-leaning organizations. 

Apparently the majority, ie. Mainstream Americana, aren't stupid enough to believe that the fancy window dressing tells the true story of what's really what inside the store.

Of course, it was easy for many to get caught up in the hype in the early days.  But once The Messianic One demonstrated that he's little more than a "man-child" "president", well, his approval numbers were bound to drop quicker than Tiger Woods's pants.


Kez Creates said...

It's like people have amnesia. My brit friends were telling me how much brits hate Americans 'because of Bush jr'. I said 'wait a minute, I lived there during Clinton and you guys were frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of Americans back then too'. Oh yeah - you forgot? No, she said 'it's worse now'. WHATEVER! It's been bad for a very long time, and then people get surprised when a new president comes along and cannot magically cure the view of America around the Globe. But surprise surprise, it DOES seem 'worse NOW' lol.

I really did get questioned every single day for over 2 years when I was at work 'Are you American?', 'No, I'm Canadian', 'Oh good', or 'Oh good, I hate Americans'.

Personally I think it's mental and the american/canadian/whoever image should not be tarnished by whomever their leaders happen to be at any given moment - but some people really did seem to believe that the new President would heal all wounds and it was terribly naive to think so.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's the nature of the average member of society. They take their cue from mass communications and word of mouth, rather than looking at evidence and thinking for themselves. And then they repeat what they've heard, as if it's necessarily indicative of reality. They're like walking radios delivering the same old messages over and over again.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I recently happened, by accident, to catch something on the CBC about how Hitler used propaganda to make the German People think he was some kind of messiah who could usher utopian paradise into Germany. The parallels with the propaganda campaign that won Obama the election were nothing short of chilling.

Even Jewish Germans were fooled by Hitler. Hitler had a hidden agenda, yet no one dared think, let alone suggest that, else they'd be ostracized as lunatics, or get a visit from Herr Roehm's merry, brownshirt-wearing men. Hmm... this happens today in Obamerica, where one will be ostracized for saying they want to see the birth certificate, and will sometimes actually encounter crazy, violent folks called "purple shirts" who represent some big union, such encounter being quite unpleasant.

As Hitler didn't tell the people what he really had planned for Germany and the world, I've seen Obama and the Democrats do so much extreme, big stuff, or at least desperately try to, that they never said they would do. All that national socialist stuff, etc., that Americans furiously oppose yet face having it imposed onto them anyway.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Kez Creates said...

Regardless of any possible parallels between Hitler and current politics, I find that a LOT of people do not understand how Hitler got to where he had so much control - and that in itself is dangerous. I've spoken to countless people over the years who seemed to think he just walked in one day and took over, and I've had to talk about how it took Hitler MANY years to get through the ranks, trick people, have them exactly where he wanted them, and then finally his true ideals presented themselves.

One guy in particular, a 33 year old, seemed shocked. I said 'my God, do you think he said to all Germans one day 'hey let's kill Jews' and they all said HURRAH!'???? Like seriously people, think about it for 5 seconds. In my thoughts, any leaders like him made sure they had everything tied up nice and tightly so The People had very little or no room to manouver to get them out of the way once their tyranny started. People did not knowingly agree to this openly - the majority had no idea what was really going on until it was too late.

But we should now have the advantage of being able to look back on history, see history repeating itself, and look at the steps that were taken - hopefully to AVOID creating the same situation again and again. At least, I am still holding out hope.

Canadian Sentinel said...

We're not alone in holding out hope, even though things do currently look pretty grim out there again, ie. like 1938 again...