Monday, May 11, 2009

Was Tamil T.O. Occupation Organized By Tigers?

Story here.

"I noticed in the coverage of the demonstrations over the weekend that Tamil Tiger flags were being flown which would say to Canadians that they are part, the terrorist organization is part of the demonstrations that happened," Oda said.


Some protesters chanted their support for the Tamil Tigers at Sunday's highway demonstration.


"We will have meetings with any Tamil community representative that (is) not part of a terrorist organization," Oda said in the House of Commons.

A vile THREAT from a Tamil:

"If the Tamil community doesn't see affirmative and decisive action taken by the Canadian government in regards to the Sri Lankan issue, you can definitely expect more protesting. Of what sort, what kind, of what outcome, I really couldn't tell you,"
Clearly, our national security apparatus must necessarily treat these folks as terrorists, given the facts. Hey, if Obama's DHS can treat all conservative folks as potential terrorists, and the Left (ie. the Liberals and NDP) thinks this is perfectly fine, ok, proper...

Now, now, now... this is terrorism, plain and simple. I consider taking over public facilities like highways to be terrorism. It doesn't have to be violent; it's terrible enough to occupy public facilities and places like Caledonia, which Aboriginal terrorists (yes, Candace, they are terrorists, and knowing an Aboriginal personally will never change this fact) have been illegally occupying for years now.

What these Tamils, be they terrorists or just regular Tamils, are doing is wholly, entirely unacceptable and intolerable.

If certain other groups attempted such tactics, like, say, pro-life or pro-traditional marriage folks, do you think they'd get treated so nicely? Not on your life, pal! The city would clear such folks away immediately with devastating, injurious, even fatal force, as the Extreme Leftist Mayor David Miller wouldn't tolerate anything that wasn't Leftist or Leftist-approved.

Yes, there's violence and dying in Sri Lanka. But what the Tamils are doing isn't going to help their cause. It's going to hurt it. They're going about it all wrong.

And the threat by that Tamil above... sounds like an Islamic terrorist threat. It's as if the same folks who give Islamic terrorists their talking points are giving all terrorists the same talking points!