Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pulled Tory Punches Lets Liberals Fool Voters, Rise In Polls

Sigh... here we go again, with the Conservatives continuing to pull their punches and let the Liberals misrepresent themselves and enjoy falsely positive Big Media coverage to slowly edge up in the polls, slightly topping the Conservatives in popularity.

It pains and concerns me that the Conservatives are allowing this to happen.

But it's also true that the Tories are focussing on more critically important matters, such as dealing with the current economic malaise and so on and so forth. Wasting time kicking the Liberals all the time during a recession would certainly make for a lot of negative commentary against them, making them look bad and probably ending up causing similar polling numbers as we see at the present time.

So I guess it's ok to let the Liberals think they're really that popular for a little while, at least until it's time to prepare for the next election, which the Liberals seem to want for June (hey, we just had an election a few short months ago!).

Of course, the Liberals will be fighting as dirty and nasty as ever once the election comes, whenever that is. So when they do that, it'll be perfectly ok for the Conservatives to once again train their crosshairs upon their opponents. Fair game then.

Mark my words, the Conservatives have indicated, as far as I can tell, that the electoral war will come, and they're going to enter it with all guns blazing, with plenty of ammunition to support the salvos.

Once Canadians look more closely at the Liberals and particularly at Michael Ignatieff, their leader, one can expect the polls to change, and not likely in the Liberals' favor.

The Ruby Dhalla Controversy

Speaking of Liberals looking bad, by the way, there's a Liberal MP who's been caught up in a whole lot of hot water lately...

The nannies also allege Dhalla improperly seized their passports and family members forced them to do non-nanny jobs such as washing cars, shining shoes and cleaning family-owned chiropractic clinics.

Magdalene Gordo, 31, and Richelyn Tongson, 37, say they were hired by Dhalla to work at the family home in Mississauga and routinely toiled five days a week, earning $250 a week while working 12- to 16-hour days. The Dhalla family did not obtain the necessary federal approval under the Live-In Caregiver Program for the women to live and work in their home.


She's no stranger to controversy. A trip to India in January 2008 turned into a public relations nightmare after two children were beaten by police after an aide's purse was stolen. Dhalla was portrayed in the Indian media as uncaring about the children's fate. Later, Dhalla said she condemned violence of any kind.

Of course, it must be pointed out that Dhalla denies wrongdoing. Hmm... saying that phrase reminds me of someone named "Debbie" who "Did Dallas"... Heh!

And the story is a Toronto Star piece, and since the TS is a nororiously Liberal-friendly/Conservative-unfriendly paper, the Liberals can't say that the whole thing is just part of a "Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy" to smear MP Ruby Dhalla. Sorry, Libbies... not this time. But you may say it's part of a "Vast, Left-Wing Conspiracy", though you'd then look stupid, as you folks are Left-Wing, after all... and quite extreme at it to boot!

Just being fair and balanced. You see, the Big Media, they love to go on and on ad infinitum about allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Conservatives, even though they're nothing more than allegations (like the old, old, old allegations against Brian Mulroney, which the Big Media can't stop yapping about every day), so, you know, what's "good" for the Tories is "good" for the Grits.

Oh, and for Ms. Dhalla's attitude, it stinks. She's a Left-Wing Extremist who readily and happily utters malicious lies and slurs against the Conservatives, calling them whatever she can think of that sounds nasty, awful, scary and bad. So, hey, Ruby, how do you like being accused of being a nasty baddie, too? Well, fair's fair, honey. Karma, you know, that's how it works.