Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pinocchio Dhalla's Lies Exposed

Story here.

ht: NNW

Ms. Dhalla insists that it was her brother Neil Dhalla who employed and supervised the women and she told the committee that, when Ms. Mason called her at her Ottawa office, she redirected the call to her brother.

“In fact, it was the opposite,” said Ms. Mason. “I had a conversation with her brother and I was directed to her.”


“I gave her clear directions that she was breaking the law and she has 24 hours in which to return the documents, I remember that clearly,” said Ms. Mason. “And, as far as I remember, the documents were returned the following day.

Apparently Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla did, indeed, confiscate the womens' documents and only immediately surrendered them to someone who would go to the police and report the crime if they weren't returned.

Ruby lied. Panties on fire. Nose growing longer.

Oh, dear... Ruby made the women sit on the floor instead of a couch or chair...

On the floor. While the Dhallas had proper seating arrangements.

What do they see Filipina people as, pets?

Does Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla believe that Filipina people are inferior to her?

Is Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla some kind of racial supremacist?

Conspiracy to ruin Ruby's political career? Where's the evidence? C'mon- if you have any, spit it out!

Another Liberal came to the defence:

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis, who harshly grilled Ms. Mason, told reporters that the committee's line of inquiry was “a witch hunt and a kangaroo court. It just happens to be because it's a Member of Parliament and ‘let's take them on.'”

Really? Sounds like the crap he spews in the House of Commons. He "harshly grilled" a poor Filipina immigrant woman. How mean-spirited and racist can one get?

If a Conservative had "harshly grilled" a poor Filipina immigrant woman, Janeane Garofalo would call 'em a "racist". Hell, she called all American patriots "racists".

Do Liberals hate Filipinas? Do Liberals believe that they're superior to Filipinas?

Are Liberals racists?

Hey, Liberals... you did it to us, and without evidence, without testimony. You goosestepped around saying "Reform is racist". "Canadian Alliance is racist". "Conservatives are racist". Standard Librano talking points. You really did listen to Warren Kinsella, didn't you? You know, that racist asshole clown who said that Canadian Chinese people eat cats and serve it in their restaurants. Warren Kinsella, who continues to enjoy being employed by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (who stands with Ruby Dhalla) for the purpose of threatening and intimidating political/ideological dissenters.

It's your turn now.

Liberals are racist.