Friday, May 08, 2009

Pelosi Lied About Knowing About Controversial Interrogation Methods

Nancy Pelosi, looking a bit like a female Darth Vader


Well, those Left-Wing Extremists, we know they lie at their convenience, so no shock, really.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was thoroughly briefed in September 2002 that terrorist Abu Zubaydah was being waterboarded by CIA interrogators, according to a report prepared by the Director of National Intelligence’s office and obtained by Fox News and other agencies.

The new revelations completely contradict Pelosi’s repeated assertions that she knew nothing about “harsh interrogation” measures being carried out on enemy combatants.

So now that we know that she knew, the question is why did she say nothing then, if she's so shocked at such things now?

Must be a Leftist thing. Something can be ok until it's not, and vice versa, just because one wants it to be, for one's political convenience.

Something tells me that the Left isn't really opposed to enhanced interrogation methods which are proven to save lives.

The Left only pretends to find if awful and abhorrent so as to have a stick with which to bash politicians who represent Mainstream America, which would be the Republicans (though the GOP does need to be reformed to be even closer to the mainstream, as opposed to slowly moving to where the Democrats are).

It's about the convenience of doublethink, of practicing double standards.

Leftists do this because they, being Leftists, naturally see lying, stealing and cheating as justified and acceptable, and are able to delude themselves into thinking that they're doing nothing wrong. Much like their very own Darth Vader, George Soros, who doesn't see anything wrong with his having been a Nazi collaborator and obviously sees nothing wrong with using his money to help the Hard Left cheat and lied its way to power.

The Obama Regime wants to witchhunt the Bush Administration for the enhanced, lifesaving interrogation methods.

Well, I'd say that there's another witch for them to hunt...