Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Obama Regime Kills Women, Children. Whither Big Media Reports?

Story here.

If Bush were President, you could bet your life that the Big Media would be all over the dozens of recent deaths of Afghan women and children.

Kabul (AP) - The international Red Cross said Wednesday that its officials saw women and children among dozens of dead bodies in two villages in western Afghanistan targeted in U.S. bombing runs.

Oh, that's ok. Because it's a Left-Wing Extremist (Obama Regime) regime's fault. Ok for Leftists to kill. Not ok for Republicans, however.

It was the worst thing when Bush was President. But now that Obama's President, well, hey, it didn't happen, and if it did, so what, as long as the American President has a great "tan" and is a wonderfully-"tolerant" Left-Wing Extremist who exalts pedophiles above regular folks, as far as the Big Media is concerned. Nothing more than a tiny blurb about the massacre of innocent civilians will make its way into Big Media reports.

Big Media: Nothing to see here. Move on. Look! Obama and his doggie taking a walk! Ooooh!