Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ignatieff's Memory Seriously In Question

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: Cerebral fog problem?

Story here.

ht: Bourque

December 1, 2008: "I support the [coalition] accord because it's fiscally responsible, it provides responsible economic leadership in tough times and it also conserves the basic principles of national unity, equality, that our party has always believed in." — Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff

May 10, 2009: "There was also a question concerning the legitimacy of the coalition that troubled me." And: "I felt it was very difficult to guarantee the necessary political stability during a time of crisis with three partners in a formal coalition," he said. "That was my first doubt. I couldn't guarantee the long-term stability of the coalition under the circumstances." — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff

Note also that he said "three partners". See, he admits that the separatist Bloc was a partner, not just someone who supports the whole thing and had a veto over everything. I can see his fellow Liberals cringing at his slip of the tongue/letting the cat out of the bag. Brainfart or deliberation? Whichever it is, do you want this guy as Prime Minister?


Maybe it's not his memory.

Maybe he's just changing his story... again. Typical Liberal flipflopper. These folks flipflop like brook trout fingerlings freshly pulled from the water.