Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ignatieff Stands With Alleged Torturer-Slavemaster Dhalla

PhotobucketRuby Dhalla In Maxim Magazine
Perhaps he's seduced by the fact that alleged torturer-slavemaster, Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla, is so freaking HOT??? Is he thinking straight? Or is he just a Canadian Bill Clinton?
Some men, they can't help themselves when it comes to incredibly beautiful women.

You know, it's foolish political judgement to stand with someone so radioactively tainted with scandal. Whatever the truth.

This can only hurt Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party.

Story here.

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OTTAWA – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he's standing by Ruby Dhalla in her dispute with three foreign workers.

But he insists that this doesn't mean he takes her side of the story against the women, two of whom testified yesterday at the Commons immigration committee.

Huh???? Standing with one side, without taking sides. That is not logical. It's B.S. to make such a claim. Clearly, he is siding with Ms. Dhalla. But he assumes that we're stupid enough to believe his ludicrous claim that he's "not taking sides".

Interesting. Bears analysis, this odd, contradictory position.


Where is the criminal investigation by police? Won't this thing go to court, where the parties will be under oath and absolutely required to tell the truth, under penalty of imprisonment for perjury? A political committee isn't the place where we can get to the bottom of this scandal. Not even close.

This scandal needs to be treated appropriately, ie. with a criminal investigation, because of the allegations of criminal behavior. The police must become involved. Duh. It's obvious, considering the nature of the allegations and the fact that the workers were paid under the table, with cash, suggesting an attempt to avoid paying payroll taxes, deducting income taxes, and to save mountains of cash on slave labor. And as the workers indicate they worked 12-15 hours a day and were ultimately paid what calculates to less than legal minimum wage...

Definitely a responsibility for the police! But I logically, rationally fear that politicians effectively, through the police's superiors, control the police, that the police are only able to do their job when they're allowed to do it. What they can do depends on what their (possibly-or-obviously politically-influenced) business-suit-wearing superiors will tell them to do or not do. I know this is a logical deduction, as I've seen people openly breaking laws while the police only watched and protected the outlaws whilst they broke the law. Like nudity and actual, hardcore, depraved "sexual" activity in public, on-the-street-at-high-noon "gay" events. And what happens in San Francisco is nothing short of calamitous.

"They show you you're a slave"

"was mentally tortured and physically stressed"

"They show you you're a slave," Gordo said. "They do not show you love or compassion."


She said she cannot return to the Philippines, her husband is unemployed and she has four children. "I don't want to see them starving," Tongson said.

"state-of-the-art" luxury versus an existence of "torture and stress."

"In my mind, it's Ruby Dhalla (who was) my employer because she was the one who interviewed me and she was the one who hired me and she was the one who supervised me," Gordo said.

That statement flew in the face of Dhalla's assertions, last week and yesterday, that it was her brother, Neil, who employed the caregivers.

Tongson started to sob when she talked about how she was afraid to complain to the Dhallas, for fear of losing the money she needed to support her four children. The session had to be suspended while Tongson composed herself.


"The truth will prevail, and we told the truth," said Gordo. "I feel very happy that we were given the opportunity to tell our side of the story. I was very nervous. This is my first time before Parliament."