Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Dare Ron Howard...

To make a movie about Islam that will anger the Islamic World like it has angered the Catholic World.

But of course he won't dare.

Because he's anti-Catholic, notwithstanding his lies to the contrary. Dunno his views on Islam (he keeps them to himself so he won't get his head chopped off, something that he knows won't happen if he spreads hatred and contempt worldwide against Catholics, who are a peaceful, non-violent people).

Ron Howard is just a Left-Wing Extremist who obviously hates Catholicism.

Don't expect the ACLU to sue to have the movie banned, either. Not like they'd have a movie banned for making, say, homosexuals look... not-so-good.

Ron Howard is just another Big Hollywood atheist propagandist trying to manipulate people into thinking things about Christianity that aren't true, so as to make them think, why be Christian? Why not Muslim? Why not nothing at all? Hell, let's do whatever we want, to hell with the consequences for others and for society and humanity as a whole the world across. Oh, yes... he's part of the Extreme Left, which hates real Christianity, because the Extreme Left is un-Christian, finding real Christianity inconvenient to its selfish, decadent, depraved, gluttonous, prideful, genital-fixated, despairing philosophy....