Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Canada, This Is Michael Ignatieff...

What'd I tell y'all?

Now Canadians can get to know Michael Ignatieff.

Conservative party spokesman Ryan Sparrow says the ad, distributed on the You Tube website, is a response to months of attack ads by the Liberals on the Internet and to an election threat at the recent convention where Ignatieff's leadership was confirmed.

And this is only the beginning.

Now the Liberals can no longer count on their artificial, undeserved rise in the recent polls, for no longer will they be getting a free ride. Not from the Conservatives, anyway (the Left-Wing Extremist Big Media loves the dummy like they love Left-Wing Extremist Obama, a dummy himself).

Of course, the really, really effective ads are the ones we see on TV. After all, many more people still watch TV than surf the blogs, right?

And once the TV ads come out, whenever that is, the Liberals, mark my words, are going to be in serious trouble!

ht: National Newswatch