Monday, May 03, 2010

Ignatieff's GG Interference "Outrageous": Coyne

Story here.

 Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is "outrageous".

Coyne also suggests that Iggy's big brainfart is part of the "culture war" started by the Liberals. 
The Ignatieff Liberals are apparently marching in lockstep with the extremely-divisive Obama, who recently very clearly and deliberately, with very precisely divisive, exclusive wording, and without any subsequent "clarification" at all, started such a dangerous, racist culture war in America, proving that he, despite his promises to be a "uniter", is a divider, and, as such, a danger as President, just as his groupie Ignatieff is a danger as Liberal leader.

Canadians need to tell the Michael Ignatieff Liberals that they do NOT want a dangerously divisive, racist, sexist culture war.

Yet another example of the lack of understanding of Canada on the part of Michael Ignatieff.  He doesn't understand that the Opposition is supposed to keep its yap shut so as to avoid politicizing the Vice-Regal position.  What does one expect from a man who abandoned the country of his birth for over three decades, and only returned to pursue the possibility of becoming Prime Minister, period?  It'd look great on his resume, he figures...

Michael Ignatieff.  An outsider who identifies more with Barack Obama's America than with Canada.  Stirring up prejudices, fomenting division, pushing for a racist, sexist culture war.

Very, very bad man, Michael Ignatieff.  Very, very, very bad!

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Jen said...

While Ignatieff says whatever pleases him, the media covers up his outrageous remark which he knows very well.

Jen said...

O/T, read this article from the Edmonton Journal.

Owing note of thanks for Canada's banks

Mulroney finance minister set up stable system

By Alim Merali, Freelance

Read more:

∞ ≠ ø said...

When Lehman Bros. went belly up they ruined what was known as the "Reserve Fund"; a supposedly safe money market fund that was apparently underwritten with crap.

When they broke the dollar I was out 50k until RBC Wealth Management bailed it out...
T H A N K S C A N A D A ! ! !

Canada's Tea Party borrowed from America???? In my view, they already owned a good bit of it!

I recommend Red Rose..."a potent cup of tea." Let me know if you need any. Makes the best iced tea ever.

And yes, I know,'s CADADIAN!