Saturday, June 06, 2009

Harper Conservatives Help Refugees Succeed

Story here.

I like this. It makes sense. It provides real refugees the opportunity to prove themselves like everyone else.

Internship programs certainly sound good, and not just for refugees and immigrants, but for natural-born Canadians, too. Much better than just giving people checks for doing nothing. Why not use the EI program to put people to work for that money, while at the same time making it cheaper for companies to employ the interns, since the people are getting a check already?

Of course, liberal socialists will be opposed to "making" people work for their checks. Naturally. After all, liberal socialists only see the short-run and don't bother to look at the long run and at consequences for doing things wrong in the short run. Besides, they want to bribe, for votes, the unemployed, with money-for-nothing schemes like EI.

Since last September, university grads born in countries such as Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia have gained crucial work experience with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Department officials hope the life-changing initiative will expand across government.


"If the government can provide that (experience) to many newcomers, then it will change their lives. It will make it easier for them to find jobs and to help Canada...and their families."

It would also mean fewer foreign-born engineers and doctors driving cabs or doing other menial work simply because they lack professional experience here, Maimanagy said.

"We have a lack of educated people in sectors where they're required. But, sadly, people who have the knowledge are (instead) doing jobs that they're not supposed to do."

Sounds a lot better than the liberal socialist scheme of just providing refugees and immigrants with social assistance and access to social programs, thus fostering dependence, poverty and ethnic ghettoization, all of which inspire victims thereof to vote for liberal socialist parties so as to not lose that upon which they've become (sometimes addictively) dependent. Of course, not all refugees and immigrants end up dependent, but, like natural-born Canadians, being human as they are, many will end up falling victim to the socialist nightmare, dependence and despair, and living pretty much like many dependence-trapped ordinary Aboriginal folks on reservations.

Much better to provide a hand-up to motivate people to self-improve, gain knowledge and understanding of stuff and to work to gain experience to move onward and upward, rather than just live day-to-day on whatever politicians and bureaucrats from Ottawa on down to municipalities or band leadership are willing to allow them.

Everyone must be treated equally. People shouldn't be discriminated against or in favor of based on any sort of "group membership". They must all have equal rights and equal responsibilities as members of Canadian society, whether born in the country or outside of it.

Believe it or not, this is an exclusively conservative, "right-wing" principle, and liberal socialists are in closed-minded, brainwashing-inspired denial of this inconvenient truth, and will make up absurdly-unhinged accusations in which they'll say that anyone who says "equality for all" is somehow "speaking in code" with a "hidden agenda", planning "assimilation" or something even eviller and more "mean-spirited".

It's bizarre how liberal socialists are opposed to equality for all, opposed to integrating everyone equally into Canadian society as full participants. When they claim to promote "equality" for "all", they're, we have seen by now, speaking in deceptive, manipulative code (like Obama and other leftists), actually plotting to exalt specific groups above everyone else, making them "more equal" than everyone else. Open-minded folks who have used their brains to understand what they witness happening every day over years and decades will instantly know what I'm talking about.

Liberal socialist policies and programs cause division, ghettoization and apartheid instead of bringing about the dreamy, mythical "utopia" they claim to believe their ideology will create but which never does, ever. Certainly not beyond the short run (witness the heartbreaking, deadly deterioration of liberal-fascist socialized medicine in Canada!

Treating people differently according to nonsensical, debunked, dogmatic far-left-wing ideology will not help anyone at all, certainly not in the long run, nor will it be good for Canadian society as a whole, and actually leads to division and exclusion, the very opposite of what leftists claim their ideology promotes.

Deep down inside, even hardcore leftists know that the conservative way of doing things is the best way to go, even if it's not entirely perfect, either. But the outcomes do tend to be better overall regardless of group membership.

After all, Canada is founded and constructed on good, old-fashioned, proven-workable principles, including Judeo-Christian values, not on socialist dogma.

Socialist dogma is deconstructive and destructive, and this is why I oppose short-term gain which inevitably leads to long-term pain for everyone.

We need to keep doing what we know works, because it hasn't been proven unworkable, except in the delusional minds of hardcore left-wingers.

Look at the problems of socialist countries over the long run, and you know it's true. Sure, capitalist, human-rights-and-rule-of-law-based societies endure cyclical recession, but they recover quickly, unlike socialism-intensive systems.

As for the neo-communist China, well, while they've utilized capitalism with astounding economic and fiscal success, the underlying problems haven't been alleviated, because the evil regime in power refuses to allow economic improvement to improve the lives of everyone equally, tending to favor Communist Party members and submissive zombies over ordinary folks who comprise the majority. Plus the Commies persecute many minorities just for being different, particularly Falun Dafa practitioners, treating them pretty much as the Jews were treated by the Nazis.

Let's bring back the Reagan way, the Cold War-era way. Things haven't been the same since we turned away from the Reagan/Cold War way of doing things, and it now appears that it's going to be our undoing unless we go back to that which we know works and rebuild our societies, economies and armed forces to protect the Free World from the gathering threats we know are sooner or later going to lead to world war, including inside of North America. After all, the enemy's agents already walk amongst us right here at home. Of course. Part of the Axis strategy to quickly disarm us, making us easy prey, sitting ducks, this time around, unlike what we saw with Pearl Harbor.

Nuts? Me? Only the ignorant-of-history, lazy-minded and delusional will think so. Others will understand. So I don't care what ignorant liberals will think of what I say, and I meant everything I said above, without exaggeration.

Funny how one topic turns into another, sort-of-related, topic isn't it?