Saturday, June 06, 2009

Islamists And Others Do It Too

Yes, they do do this, too. Especially in "Palestine", obviously, one will gather from asking what "Palestinian" kids think about Jews and Israelis.

Certainly the "white supremacist" parents in question are only hurting their child as well as themselves and society at large, including those against whom they harbor irrational, extremely paranoid prejudice. But I say the same of Islamic parents who teach their kids similar prejudices.

But isn't it interesting that each and every (extremely rare, as a matter of fact, as there's not really very many of them) time it comes to light that there's some "white supremacists" somewhere, they're spotlighted incessantly by the Old Media, which, interestingly, doesn't dare criticize the intolerance-and-xenophobia-teachings of non-"white" minorities? It's interesting because when non-"white" folks are caught apparently fomenting prejudices like that, it's usually covered-up and unmentioned by the Old Media and by the Left, even though it's far more prevalent, and rapidly growing, thanks to the protection of political correctness, amongst non-"white" folks.

Certainly Obama's former preacher, the racist Jeremy Wright, isn't much better than those "white" parents who fill their little girl up with that crap. One can only wonder how many folks have become black supremacists because of the "Reverend" Wright over the decades he's been spewing racial hatred and paranoia disguised as a supposed "holy man". Could Obama be a closet supremacist? After all, according to his own writings, it's no secret (though the Old Media won't mention it) that he hates and ignores the "white" half of himself and rejects his "white" mother who raised him, instead identifying with the black father who abandoned him. How on earth has Obama become such an obvious mentally-disordered supremacist himself, if not by being given the crap by folks like "Rev." Wright?

Why do I mention this stuff? How can one avoid it? It's always being yelled all over the place, the whole "race" thing, causing folks to think more about it than they used to, say, twenty-thirty years ago. Everywhere you go, you hear folks spewing paranoia about racism, intolerance, hate and so on and so forth, distorting one's perception of reality, causing one to fear that they're living in a place much like 1938 Germany or something.

It's crazy, not just the racists and all kinds of mentally-disordered prejudiced folks of all walks of life, but also the social/Old Media obsession with and exaggeration of the scope and magnitude of the problem, making it seem like a rapidly-growing crisis or something.

I can remember when I was younger, and never heard anything racist from any source. Then later on, little by little, it trickled out from kids who didn't really mean it at all, and then, all of a sudden, there it was, the current societal obsession with our differences. Until then I never thought about it at all, about differences, but now it's hard not to worry that you're going to be accused of being "racist" if you say something that gets taken the wrong way, like saying you want your coffee "black" and the guy behind you in line overhears it and gets mad, thinking you're talking about him, not realizing you were talking about your coffee!

People and society are nuts the way they obsess over an imaginary crisis. If anything's growing, it's kaffirphobia (fear of non-Muslims by Muslims, fomented by supremacist Imams and others, including the Old Media, who's always claiming that there's a crisis of intolerance against Muslims, which couldn't be further from the truth, even though more and more folks are learning the truth about radical Islam each day and know that, as there are non-hateful Muslims, there's an ever-increasing number of hateful ones, thanks to hatemongering Islamic supremacists who reach large audiences like in mosques, many of which are actually funded by Islamic-supremacist Saudi Arabia).

There's also heterophobia, a paranoia of many "gay" folks, created in their minds by hatemongering "gay" militants and propagandists and the Old Media.

There's a lot of crying wolf going on out there. The more it's propagated and the more people don't see it actually manifesting in reality, the more they'll tend to dismiss it in the future, both when it comes from delusional paranoids and from those who actually are reporting the truth. And this crying-wolf and exaggeration is dangerous.

We need to be truthful, realistic and vigilant about prejudice wherever and whenever it may raise its ugly head, but we must not become deluded into thinking that there's any "crisis" about which we need to be paranoid every time we go to the mall or someplace like that. Massive paranoia and distrust of everyone who seems different isn't a healthy thing in any society, after all.

We just need to chill out, accept and get along with everyone and not worry that every single person we encounter "might be a bigot". Otherwise society will be very unpleasant. Then again, maybe that's what the Left wants, for society to be unpleasant, so they can then prescribe special "solutions" like everyone submitting to the exact same way of thinking and acting, something we know to be an impossibility, such homogeneity.

Get real, we must. Yes, keep in the back of the mind that, yes, there's all kinds of bigots and nutcases from all walks of life, scattered very thinly about. But don't let it overwhelm your consciousness, crippling you, driving you nearly insane. Just move forward and go about your life and be happy as much as you can and let others do the same.

Once you leave the internet, you enter the real world. And then you must get realistic and pragmatic, because you're not surfing online anymore and need to do regular stuff and so does everyone else. So stop accusing everyone of being a racist every time they burp or fart or whatever in mixed company, ok?