Saturday, June 06, 2009

Will Mysterious Iggy, Amidst Couple of Good Polls, Force Election This Summer?
Above: Current Liberal Party Leader-Unelected Michael Ignatieff, as a younger, "urbane, sophisticated, nuanced" (barf, barf) International Man of Mystery. With a mysterious, mischievous smirk, he visualizes himself doing something opportunistic, cheating and naughty, perhaps even destructive, someday. Like maybe this Summer of 2009. Isn't he oh, so "lookit me, I'm soooo sophisticated"? Ok, go ahead and question his "sexuality"....

Below is Ignatieff, an even younger man, a big-time cosmopolitan swinger, prior to getting contact lenses and geting decent, less-stupid clothes:

Now or never?
Is this how the International Man of Mystery, Michael Ignatieff, Leader-Unelect, Liberal Party of Canada, is thinking? Go now, while the economy still makes swing voters think it's the Harper Tories' fault, or go when they look better during an improvement in the economic picture, which could begin any day now?

Is he desperate to go as soon as possible, because he'll surely be facing more shocking exposure of his mysterious, international past in Conservative so-called "attack ads" in the coming months? Surely he must realize that the longer he goes without winning the Big Job, the more Canadians will get to know about him and his past and the more they'll realize he doesn't have any idea what to do if he's in power (just like his idol Obama).

He's fortunate to have a friendly Big Media covering up his inconvenient historical baggage and saying nice things about him, not to mention willingly over-repeating his talking points against the government and the PM. No wonder he's enjoying a little, if likely temporary, boost in the polls. This boost in the polls is always tempting to anyone who seeks power or more seats in the House, but, of course, the longer one goes, the more likely the polls will sag again.

I suspect his surprising popularity in Quebec will be temporary once Quebeckers realize that they won't get shee-it from an Iggy regime, as Iggy is just another selfish, mean-spirited, intrusive, overlapping, duplicative, inefficient, wasteful, divisive centralization fascist Liberal in the tradition of Trudeau and Chretien, rather than a cooperative, flexible, open-minded, fair-and-equitable-to-all federalist like PM Harper.

Iggy is without substance, and Quebeckers, if they're smart, will see this soon enough. Really, I expect better of them. Let's hope they're not that easily fooled.

Ditto the rest of Canada. We must look past the Big, Old Media, for they're really only interested in playing the same old games as they always have, what with getting who they wanted elected for whatever dumb reason or reasons they wanted. After all, they only bashed the Martin Liberal government because they liked the Chretien side of the Liberals and not the Martin side, so they helped the Conservatives to spite the Martinis. They could've easily ignored ADSCAM and stuff, if they wanted, and bashed the Tories instead, but at that time they did what they wanted, as they're doing again, with bashing the Harper Tories and exalting the Iggy Libbies as if they were the Soros-Obamite Demmies.