Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Seven Pro-Terrorist Traitors In Congress

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Emerson: We obtained a letter sent on July 24 by seven House Democrats to Attorney General Holder on behalf of 9 radical Islamic front groups relaying the complaints of the groups about law enforcement techniques in terrorist cases, including the use of informants.

The Congressmen acted as virtual lobbyists for these militant groups, asking that the AG stop employing tried and proven counter-terrorist techniques and also echoed information that was blatantly false claiming the FBI was engaged in racial profiling. The Congressmen asked that the AG meet with these groups, which are almost all derivatives of the Muslim Brotherhood.


FP: And we have members of Congress actually working on behalf of these terrorist-related groups? Who are these Congressmen?

Emerson: The letter was signed by California representatives Loretta Sanchez, Adam Schiff, Mike Honda and Lois Capps, along with Ohio representatives Mary Jo Kilroy and Dennis Kucinich. Northern Virginia Congressman James Moran joined the group. Moran serves on the House Appropriations Committee subcommittee on defense. Schiff and Honda serve on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies. Kilroy sits on the House Homeland Security Committee.


Emerson: This phenomenon is part of the Grand Deception, when radical Islam wittingly and unwittingly convinces the American government and the media that radical Islamists have no other agenda than to play pluralist politics when the real (and demonstrably unconcealed goal) is to infiltrate the American government and media and ultimately take over. The documents released from the Holy Land Foundation trial were shockingly clear: the Muslim Brotherhood in this country secretly aspires to a “civilizational-jihadist process” in which the Islamist groups will infiltrate the institutions of power and American society. No one can argue with hundreds of such documents that were released at the HLF trial. They were shocking and had never been seen before.

In other words, it's all about Supremacist, Imperialist Islam pursuing the Islamization of the entire world, including America and the rest of the Free World. As directed by their Koran.

Hey, "Progressives", you have an irrational phobia with respect to Judeo-Christians allegedly planning to impose their ways on you in the Free World. You have this phobia without evidence to justify it; all you have is the falsehoods and hatemongering of the Far Left's Omnipresent Propaganda Machine.

So now that you have evidence that Islamists plan to impose their ways onto us all, including their brutally, murderously intolerant ways towards Jews, women and gays, what, now, are you going to do? Play Three Monkeys and throw your poops at those who raise the alarm?

Why don't you "Progressives" care about the fact that Islam is very intolerant and violently, murderously so, with respect to non-Muslims, partcularly Jews, women and GLBTs? How stupid and myopic can you be? Do you want these haters to come into your countries and impose their horrific ideology on you? Do you want to witness them put your Jewish friends into ovens, to beat your gay and lesbian friends to death on the streets? Do you want to see them pour gasoline onto uncovered women in the streets and light them aflame? Is this what you want?

What's wrong with "Progressives"? You incessantly, myopically-zealously demonize and bash Judeo-Christians as monsters, you condemn every single self-defensive move of Israel and America, whilst standing up on behalf of the Axis of Evil who attack and threaten us all and our freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights?