Monday, August 03, 2009

L.A. Weekly Caught Being Hypocritical On Obama Joker Poster

Story here.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Leftist, and L.A. Weekly.

I'm also astonished at how so many people are rushing to Obama's defence whereas they didn't jump to Bush's defence very much at all.

Even supposedly-conservative, supposedly using-their-brains folks have jumped onto the bandwagon of demonizing (without knowing all the facts, let alone knowing and understanding the real issue) those who ask legitimate questions and make appropriate demands of Obama, such that he obey the Constitution and prove his eligibility for office, which he hasn't, nor has anyone else on his behalf.

It's as if there's been some kind of mass hypnosis in which victims thereof have been rendered incapable of seeing the facts and of rational, independent thought. And some of the victims are those we're surprised are affected. Some folks need to have a bucket of ice-water dumped upon them to bring them back to the real world!

C'mon... we know Obama sucks. Why are y'all standing up for him whereas y'all didn't for Bush?

UPDATE: Here's more double-standard stuff from the Left.

"Depicting the president as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery," says Hutchinson, "it is mean-spirited and dangerous."

I wonder what that guy would say about the following picture of Bush I found on a far-left enviro-fascist blog:

Do you recall as much hand-wringing over the terrible depictions of President Bush that were all over the place, and still are?

I don't know about Obama being "demonic" (a little bit of a stretch, but his radically extreme, brainless policies certainly scare the hell out of people!), but, hey, depicting Obama as a socialist is actually to tell the truth. Because Obama IS a socialist. Everyone knows that, even those in denial. I mean, rule like a socialist, impose massive socialist policies and programs, do all kinds of big socialist stuff all the time all over the place... how the hell can Obama not be a socialist?

As for the joker image of Obama, it's terrible, yes, as are the ones of Bush. But the point of the poster is that Obama is a joke and a socialist. He's not for real; he's not a "moderate" (the claim that he's moderate has proven to be a joke, hence the joker image), but rather a hard-left-wing-extremist ("socialist" or "communist"... or "progressive", as those folks prefer to call themselves nowadays).

Double standard!