Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama Regime Tries To Bully Oklahoma

Story here.

In April, the Justice Department sent a letter to the Oklahoma attorney general, hinting that it would withhold federal funding if Oklahoma state officials vote on an English-only referendum. In response, the state's congressional delegation wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, questioning the timing of the letter and demanding to know if Oklahoma was being singled out. They also questioned what federal funds Holder was threatening to withhold.

Aloysius Hogan, a spokesman for English First, says there are already a number of states that have passed English-only referendums.

"It's important to note that 31 states have English as the official language, not to mention over 50 nations worldwide," he points out. "So all of these entities supposedly would be subject to denial of federal financial assistance, according to the Equal Justice question."

Again we catch the Obama Regime trying to be fascist, as well as failing to understand the reality of America and of the world.

Perhaps part of the Regime's hidden agenda is to impose official bilingualism, as did the socialist-fascist regime of the Liberals led by Pierre Trudeau in Canada.

Official bilingualism isn't necessary, period.

Besides, it's very expensive.