Tuesday, August 04, 2009

That's A Hate Crime!


They should have their sentences increased based on the hate motivation.

After all, they did it to the poor guy 'cause he was a guy, and they hated him.

Open and shut.

Bailiff! Take 'em away!

Just 'cause someone's an asshole doesn't mean that one can treat them so terribly. If it was ok to treat assholes like that, well, just imagine the crazy crap that'd have happened to Bill Clinton by now...

Oh, well, just another example of the insanity the Left has brought upon America. Look what liberalism/progressivism and ridiculously unfettered sexual "liberty" lead to- hurt feelings, broken hearts, broken minds, ruined lives and, potentially, impotence...

Hey, we've been talking so much about violence against women. Shouldn't we talk about violence against men, too? Really! We must send the message to would-be-weenie-gluing-witches like those that such behavior will NOT be tolerated.

If it were deemed ok by the Left to treat assholes like that, then how come they get mad when they hear about evil terrorists being made uncomfortable to make 'em talk so as to prevent terrorist plots from claiming more lives?

I mean, the guy who got his willy glued to himself, he was just an asshole; he didn't chop anyone's head off, nor did he blow anyone up.

You know, when those witchy women have finished serving their sentences, they could be recruited to make terrorists talk...