Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sotomayor's Judgement Far Outside Mainstream: Poll

Obama's pick to fill a vacant seat on the US Supreme Court is way outside the mainstream in terms of judgement, according to a poll.

In an unusual survey of 3,100 voters -- most national polls rely on about 1,200 respondents – voters by 71 to 19 percent think Sotomayor was wrong to permit New Haven to throw out the results of a promotional exam for firefighters, simply because no African-Americans scored well enough to qualify for promotion.

The common sense of the common people is wiser than some arrogant, possibly racist judge's judgement.

Besides, Sotomayor's ruling had nothing to do with the law or the Constitution/Bill of Rights. It's, plainly and simply, stupid. And racist.

It's bad judgement. Bad judgement makes for a bad judge.

Yet Obama wants this person to be one of the chosen few to be the ultimate determinor of that which shall and shall not be.