Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Like I Predicted

Americans are starting to like George Bush and Dick Cheney again, now that they've seen Obama fumble and bumble his way through the job of President, as if he was Mr. Bean.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey found that 41 percent of respondents have a favorable impression of former President Bush, up from 35 percent in January.

Former Vice President Cheney's approval rating is 37 percent in the new poll, up 8 percent since February.

Perspective and direct comparison are more accurate than audacious hope for change.

Reality has struck.

As with Icarus, Obama now has a long way to go down now that his fake wings have melted.

Too bad the Constitution forbids Bush and Cheney's return.

Oh, wait... hey, if Obama doesn't have to prove he's eligible to be President under the Constitution... well, hey, we can audaciously hope... yes, we can! Bring back Bush-Cheney! Sure, they sucked, but not nearly as much as Bobo does!