Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ottawa Eyes Sale of CBC, Via Rail, Etc.


The opposite of what Obama's doing. The opposite of national socialism.

And some conservatives thought the Conservatives weren't conservative anymore.

The federal Department of Finance has flagged several prominent Crown corporations as "not self-sustaining," including the CBC, Via Rail and the National Arts Centre, and has identified them as entities that could be sold as part of the government's asset review, newly released documents show.

In its fiscal update last November, the government announced that it would launch a review of its Crown assets, including so-called enterprise Crown corporations, real estate and "other holdings."


"The reviews will also examine other holdings in which the government competes directly with private enterprises, earn income from property or performs a commercial activity," states a Finance briefing note dated Dec. 2, 2008. "It includes Crown corporations that are not self-sustaining even though they are of a commercial nature."

After all, it makes no sense at all for the state to compete with the private sector. Just look at the ludicrous spectacle of Obama taking over General Motors. Who in their right mind would buy one of Obama's politically-correct, national-socialist-workers' "Peoples' Cars"?

Besides, we're facing a 50 billion dollar deficit. We're going to have to cut stuff we really don't need at all in order to combat it as soon as possible. We're going to have to tell the entitlist Left, "No, you can't have everything you want, either!".

ht: nnw