Tuesday, June 02, 2009

'Alarming Domestic Trend': Muslim Convert Terrorism

Little-reported in the Canadian Elite Media (That's rather odd, isn't it?) is the murder the other day of an American soldier at a recruiting center by a recent convert to Islam.

The suspect in the deadly shooting at a military recruiting center in Arkansas is the latest in a series of Muslim converts accused of planning or launching violent attacks in the U.S., part of what security experts call an alarming domestic trend.

The attack came less than two weeks after a foiled bomb plot on two synagogues in Riverdale, N.Y., allegedly led by four men who converted to Islam in prison or shortly after their incarceration.


Little Rock police said there was no indication Muhammad was part of a wider plot to attack the military, but terrorism experts say there are important connections between his and other homegrown terror plots in recent years, including their targets, motives and inspiration.

"The real common denominator is the ideological commitment (present) in every single case I've seen over the past few months and over the past few years," said Walid Phares, director of the Future of Terrorism Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Certainly, as long as there are radical Islamists out there who preach hatred, intolerance, supremacism, anti-Americanism and violence, there will be folks who, after converting to Islam, may end up believing the lies they're told by the radical preachers and recruiters. And this may well lead them to commit any kind of violence, including murder and terrorism.

What I find fascinating is that the Canadian Elite Media isn't bothering to say anything much (if at all; I haven't found anything yet!) about the murder in Little Rock, yet they're talking a lot about the recent slaying of an abortionist and putting a bit of a spotlight on pro-life folks, as if hinting that they're somehow to blame for what happened.

Why isn't the Canadian Elite Media talking about this? It's definitely newsworthy and needs to be discussed.

If there was Christian terrorism, would it be treated with kid gloves, as is Islamic terrorism?

If there were radical Christians preaching all sorts of nonsensical crap and inciting Christians to go and commit terrorism, don't you think it'd be treated as a big deal?