Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Why Does Hollywood Keep Doing This?

WTF?! Holmes and Watson, bum buddies???

This sort of thing.

Gayify everything in sight. Make people dang nearly think that everything and everybody is "gay".

What's up with the "progressive" movement's obsession with fringe lifestyles and their propagation?

What purpose does it serve, other than to propagate stuff they believe ought to be propagated, in the form of what they claim is "art" or "entertainment"?

These days, everywhere you look, everywhere you listen, it's all gay-this, gay-that...

I can remember when, not that long ago, gayness was something that was mostly spoken of by kids in school along with other subjects that made the kids giggle just 'cause it was being mentioned. They'd accuse one another of being "gay", to tease one another, just as they'd accuse one another of being uncool, of being funny-looking, of having farted and stuff.

You know, society has about 10,000 things more important and in need of being addressed and dealt with than what some people like to do in private. But the things that are more important don't get addressed, thanks to the crowding-out effect of society's obsession with the promotion and propagation of these "alternative" things, as if society's and world civilization's very survival critically required such obsessive fixation. They're already teaching kids in schools how to do completely unimportant, unnecessary things like sodomy, fellatio, cunnilingus, etc..., as if that was more important than learning how to write properly, learning about one's nation's true history and the world's true history, learning to think independently and critically, etc...

No longer does Western society seek to promote intellectual development. It increasingly seeks to indoctrinate in irrelevant stuff as how to do unnecessary stuff when one's clothes are off...

How come there's so many revisionist theories out there being pushed that depict famous characters, both real (ususally dead, so they can't deny it and sue) and fictional, as homosexual or some other odd "sexual orientation"?

Now they're telling us that Sherlock Holmes liked to roll in the hay nekkid with his "Dear Watson"?

What's the point of rewriting the story thusly, other than, perhaps, to push the fantasy image of homosexuality as somehow inherently intellectual and sophisticated rather than animalistically brainless and genitally, anally- and orgasmically-fixated? I mean, we're human beings with free will and the ability to reason, to use logic, the ability to consciously choose be in control of our actions... we're not small-brained, appetite-and-instinct-fixated dogs, who'll pretty much hump anything in sight whenever they get the urge, no matter how bizarre, no matter how backwards and twisted... "natural", yeah, right; suuuure!

Dammit, folks... we're human beings, not dogs!

Why does the Left want us to think and act like dogs instead of people?

It's even more pointless than the gratuitous guy-and-girl screwing scenes that have become almost mandatory in all movies and TV shows. What's the point of showing people taking their clothes off and turning each other into playgrounds? What purpose does this serve? Especially when it has no connection to the plot, the story line?

Perhaps it belies the silly, unserious obsessions of Hollyweird...

This mandatory insertion of sex-themed stuff into everything, no matter how irrelevant, hey, it's just as unnecessary as saying "fuck" all the time, like Leftists like to do, and do so on their blogs. It serves no purpose other than very transitory release of tension and frustration, a false, momentary escape from psychosis, a distraction from the real world and from what's important... it's un-constructive. It's uncalled-for. Irrelevant. Yet the Left treats the subject as if it's one of the very most critically important things and that it absolutely must be obsessed over and pushed at everyone as frequently as possible, overtly and subtly.

How come you can't watch a tv show without encountering a gratuitous, irrelevant mention of something to do with homosexuality? Why do the writers of these tv shows think they have to do that? Are they trying to subtly force people to think about it all the time? Sheesh... it's just like how society keeps mentioning Obama in a mandatorily positive light, to promote him to voters in an indirect-but-effective way...

Ah, never mind... just an observation...

Carry on. Just try to focus on stuff that's important, rather than stuff that fascinates, like... Hey! Look! A shiny object! Gotta go and gawk and marvel at the shiny object for a false emotional, intellect-shoving-aside high!

It's just so irrelevant, so uncalled-for, all this obsession with homosexuality and similar stuff. The Left obviously would rather have their and everyone else's attention distracted by unimportant stuff, as if focussing on reality and on important stuff and dealing with things that actually need to be dealt with weren't important at all...

Don't forget, after all, that the whole point of having horny urges is so that people will be motivated to make babies (even if they're not thinking about doing so) and continue the species. Really, it's an animal thing, a bodily function.

To obsess over sex so much isn't healthy for either individuals or society.

Grow up, society. There's stuff you've got to do, so drop the whole obsession with fooling around and go do real "adult" stuff like maintaining economic health and national security and strengthening the educational system and promoting the traditional family structure!

This bizarre obsession on the part of the Left as regards homosexuality and all that other stuff, I don't understand why they've got that. It's kind of... queer, y'know.