Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Evil Empire's Subs Detected Lurking Too Close


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WASHINGTON — A pair of nuclear-powered Russian attack submarines has been patrolling off the eastern seaboard of the United States in recent days, a rare mission that has raised concerns inside the Pentagon and intelligence agencies about a more assertive stance by the Russian military.

The episode has echoes of the cold war era, when the United States and the Soviet Union regularly parked submarines off each other’s coasts to steal military secrets, track the movements of their underwater fleets — and be poised for war.


The submarines are of the Akula class, a counterpart to the Los Angeles class attack subs of the United States Navy, and not one of the larger submarines that can launch intercontinental nuclear missiles.

According to Defense Department officials, one of the Russian submarines remained in international waters on Tuesday about 200 miles off the coast of the United States. The location of the second remained unclear. One senior official said the second submarine traveled south in recent days toward Cuba, while another senior official with access to reports on the surveillance mission said it had sailed away in a northerly direction.


One of the submarines is the newer Akula II, officials said, which is quieter than the older variant and the most advanced in the Russian fleet. The Akula is capable of carrying torpedoes for attacking other submarines and surface vessels as well as missiles for striking targets on land and at sea.

Hey, Darth Vladimir... F... off!

Oh, I think I see commentor "Crazy Ivan" a-coming to deposit a load of stinking propaganda...

And I believe Obama will simply drop trou and bend over for Comrade Darth Vladimir's edification...

It feels so fitting for me to keep an eye on the Evil Empire, as I'm actually the son of one of the very, very first Canadians to man NORAD's Distant Early Warning Line Substations inside the Arctic Circle (hey, it IS our land, Darth Vladimir, so keep your grubby paws off!) to keep watch for bombers from the Evil Empire.

Yes. My father was a Canadian sentinel. I proudly carry on the job as Canadian Sentinel.

Meanwhile, the Harper Conservative government in Canada is continuing to assert Canada's sovereignty over her Arctic...