Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama's Witch Hunt Against CIA

Story here.

this broad-based investigation will make the ACLU,, Code Pink and the other left-wing fringe groups delighted. It may satisfy some of the Obama left-wing support.

Given this horrific reality in Iran, one wonders why Obama is screwing around with a delusional witch hunt against the CIA, when he should be focussing on giving Iran a much harder time.

But it's possible that Obama figures that Iranians will probably soon just kill one another. That'd take some pressure off the already buckling-under-it Obama. Wishful thinking, I'd say.

Anyway, both domestically and internationally, Obama is a big stinky turd of a "president".

His cavalier incompetence and obvious agenda of bankrupting and destroying America are all the evidence one needs to realize this, if one is of sound mind, that is.

Bashing the CIA. Could a guy be any more hateful towards America?

Of course, Leftists hate America, so they'll cheer him on.

Too bad Obama and the Democrats don't realize that hardcore Leftists comprise little more than a radical fringe element in America, and that the majority of Americans are nothing like these folks. The swing voters, the independents, conservatives, will not vote Obama/Democrat. And, like in Canada, when a government becomes so wildly unpopular, they suffer a massively devastating defeat from which it's difficult to recover.

Oh, and, by the way, ya know Canada's Liberal Party leader, Michael Ignatieff? He's a big Obama fan. Makes one wonder about Ignatieff, then.