Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leaving AQ Terrorist In US Would NOT 'Tarnish Canada's Image'

The Canadian Bar Association is just being political.

And I suspect it's essentially controlled by Leftists, particularly Liberal Party lawyers, hence it spews such nonsense.

How would it hurt Canada's international image to leave an Al Qaeda terrorist at the mercy of the Obama Regime? Really, what's Obama going to do to someone he identifies with?

Besides, did what Saudi Arabia do to William Sampson tarnish that nation's image? No.

How about what they're doing to Mohammed Kohail? No.

What about the Communist World? Take the way they treat people. Does the Left and the Big Media see them as "tarnished" because of their inhumanity? No.

Gimme a break, Canadian Bar Association. Your Liberal Party ties are showing!

Besides, what did the Liberal government do when Al Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr was in Gitmo? Nothing. And did it tarnish Canada's image? No.

Really, the CBA is making a fool of itself, tarnishing its own image.

I say let the evildoer enjoy Obama's hospitality. Muslims are generally favorable to other Muslims, after all...

Canadians don't want Omar, nor any of the Khadr family in their country because Canadians don't approve of hateful people!

It's bad enough the Canadian Left is being so amorous towards Maher Arar, who claimed the Syrians tortured him, and was immediately believed, with the Big Media automatically assuming he was tortured, just because they wanted to believe the word of a Muslim. Compare this to the caring William Sampson received from the Left and the Big Media, who never believed his claims of torture, despite the fact that his drastic appearance change strongly hinted at it. Arar never looked like he had been mistreated (why would Syria mistreat a fellow terrorist, anyway?). Besides, Omar Khadr fingered Arar as Al Qaeda, not that the Left will believe him, even though they love the young Al Qaeda teddy bear.

I call bullshit.

Leave Omar Khadr where he is. We don't want him. And we don't care how the rest of the world feels about that, because the rest of the world isn't any better than we!

And it actually tarnishes the CBA's own image to be schmoozing with the Head Fascist of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, Jennifer "Little Miss Jackboots" Lynch (when, oh, when will she be fired and her hateful, mean-spirited, insanely delusional star chamber of oppression and tyranny abolished?!). The CHRC and Ms. Lynch couldn't be any more tarnished themselves. So the kind of nonsense coming from that general direction needn't be paid any serious attention.