Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Propagandist Left Plays The Blame Game

The Left is trying to selfishly, classlessly, unethically exploit the murder of the babykiller Tiller to silence the whole Pro-Life movement.

Leftists who believe it's ok to murder human beings who've been deemed inconvenient are trying to pin the blame for the murder on anyone who ever said anything negative about abortion and/or about Tiller.

So some folks called Tiller a babykiller, ok. Well, he was. He did kill babies, no doubt about it; it's undeniable except by the insane, so it was a correct label.

But to suggest that they're somehow responsible for Tiller's murder...

If they're somehow responsible, then I'd suggest that everyone who has spoken negatively about America and about the American military is somehow responsible for the murder of a young American soldier by a Muslim convert.

But the Elite Media isn't being fair. Why don't they talk about the other murder, too, and discuss the fact that a lot of Leftists say awful, hateful things about America and American soldiers? And about Muslims who say nasty things about America and American soldiers, therefore making themselves theoretically blameworthy?

If the goal of the Left is to intimidate Pro-Life folks into shutting up and saying nothing about murder-for-profit, then, hey, let's also intimidate Leftists and Muslims into shutting up on criticism of America, the military and the Free World so as to stop the murders that we hear about all the time stemming from such speech.

It's obvious that the Elite Media is manipulating the thinking of the population as a whole, isnt' it? All part of the Left's overall agenda of social engineering according to its decadent, destructive, dogmatic worldview.

The Left, by the way, needs to be slammed as hypocritical and as practicing double standards due to its refusal to accept that abortion is the murder of human beings, while going completely militant over the murder of the murderers of those millions of innocent human beings.

Oh, and in addition to that, why does the Left oppose the death penalty for murderers, but not for innocent human beings being murdered before (and also even after) they're born?

(I'd be surprised, however, knowing how inconsistent and double-standard-practicing they are, if Leftists, were to oppose the execution of the murderous Tiller's killer.)

Clearly, the Leftist worldview/ideology/lifestyle is founded on doublethink, cognitive dissonance, atheism, rejection of consequences, rejection of ethics, rejection of morals, rejection of the polarity of right/wrong, rejection of the polarity of good/evil, rejection of consistency, rejection of logic, rejection of reason and a staunch adherence to the primacy of the convenience of the one, at the expense of the other, including, sometimes, their life.

The Leftist worldview/ideology/lifestyle is one characterized by mental disorder, by submission to indoctrination, by selfishness, by convenience at whatever cost, by profit motive, by, well, you get the idea.

And the Elite Media is clearly afflicted by the Leftist worldview-ideology, by a collective mental disorder. Rather like the uni-minded Borg Collective on Star Trek.

No matter how much the Left tries to rationalize a certain kind of murder, it's still murder.

That they refuse to accept that murder is murder just because other Leftists claim, against reality, logic and sanity, that it somehow isn't murder, is to be lazy-minded, to be unethical, immoral, evil.

And no one has a "right to choose" to kill another human being, except in self-defence.

And abortion is NOT self-defence. It's selfish. And it's murder.