Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dismissing Ignatieff's Sound & Fury

Above: Kitty demonstrates a typical reaction to Liberal Leader-Unelect Michael Ignatieff's poorly-thought-out and overhammy fluster, bluster, sound and fury signifying nothing.

Rex Murphy isn't impressed with Iggy, either.

Mr. Ignatieff has shown an admirable dexterity in the transition from academic to politician. But it's only been a month and four days that he's been, officially, the Liberal Leader. Eternity for a lettuce leaf perhaps, but not quite a seasoning period for a future PM. And then there's the point, hardly incidental, that while he's rich with the details of Stephen Harper's defects, he hasn't presented much of a policy counter-case of his own.

Right... Iggy's offered nothing in terms of an alternative to what's going on now. How do we know he even has an alternative?

We do not know, because on so many issues he has not told us. In other words, his critique of the government is just that - criticism. He is very good at ardently sketching the defects of the government he opposes, but equally a virtuoso at shielding us from what he would do differently.


So far, all he's really telling us, is that he's not Stephen Harper. A comforting insight, for both men perhaps, but hardly one worth ruining anyone's summer.

In other words, Iggy's just saying he represents "hope" and "change". Meaningless slogan words stolen from somebody else. Hell, even Iran's tyrant borrowed a slogan from Obama to use in his own "election" campaign.

Well, they voted for hope and change in America, and they got, well, hopelessness and not the kind of change they wanted.

And Ignatieff idolizes Obama. This should give people pause about his judgement. Here, Obama demonstrates where his loyalties apparently lie. Didn't his protocol people advise him that the American President must bow for no one? Guess he doesn't listen or doesn't care or both. Typical left-wing dhimmi. Like Michael Ignatieff.