Thursday, June 04, 2009

CTV Held Secret Govt Docs 6 Days, Viewed Contents

Orville H., via email, says about the kerfluffle over a federal cabinet ministerial aide's screw-up:

I expect that decent thinking Canadians will decide if secret documents inadvertently left behind by a human being give anyone the right to hold on to those documents for 6 days even though they know definitively who those documents belong to and after 6 days of consideration decide they not only have a right to look into these secret documents but broadcast and detail the contents to the world.

Will Canadians conclude that this action was a "clear violation" and is not demonstrative of honorable and reputable people. It is one thing to report that secret documents were misplaced but it is another more serious indiscretion to hold on to these documents for 6 days , snoop in them and then publicize the contents.

Indeed. It's astonishing how the CTV behaved in this matter.