Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Alberta Bolsters Parental Rights With New Law

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EDMONTON - Following a marathon debate, the Alberta legislature has passed human rights legislation letting parents pull their children out of lessons on sex, religion or sexual orientation.

Opponents claim that it'll somehow potentially be bad for teachers and so on, but, hey, those same folks, they didn't oppose legislation forcing clergy and others to perform SSM ceremonies against their moral and religious beliefs, so, hey, tough shee-it, hypocrites!

I'd say that parental rights are more important than the imaginary "right" of extremist ideological groups to impose their views on children in schools as a social-reengineering, mass-propaganda/indoctrination tool.

I call this Alberta legislative progressive and a victory for REAL human rights. It's the right and correct thing to do, to affirm existing human rights to protect them from extremists (the Left) who want to destroy them.

After all, no one has any business telling parents how to raise their own children! No one better dare!

A victory for parental rights and a defeat for the Hard Left, who believes it's entitled to hijack schools for the purpose of ideological-extremism brainwashing. Like in one county in Hard-Left-Wing-oppressed California.

School Board Member Trish Spencer, who voted against the plan, said she worries that its implementation could lead to the harassment of students who have religious objections to homosexuality. She cited that bullying due to religion is a bigger problem for the district than bullying based on homosexuality.

Also adamantly opposed to the plan is Randy Thomasson, president of the Campaign for Children and Families.

“This will be done whether parents like it or not, and it shows the hostility against parental rights and traditional family values,” Thomasson, told CNS New.

The Left only cares about its own dogmas and about forcing them on people, including vulnerable children who don't yet know how to think for themselves and who will end up being brainwashed, likely for life. The Left doesn't care about other peoples' rights and insists on pursuing an imaginary "right" to force whatever it wants on others, using sugarcoated euphemisms like "teaching tolerance, acceptance, understanding" and so on and so forth.

The Left doesn't care if it ends up hurting people and violating their rights. Because that's the nature of the Left. They're mean and selfish, not nice and generous (except when they're spending other peoples' money to buy votes and foster dependence on the state apparatus).

here are those who claim that the law "discriminates against gays".

Nonsense! What the law does is affirm parents' right to choose!

Apparently the extremist-militant-propaganda-spewing "gays" who make this claim (and get plenty of gratuitous Big Media coverage) are opposed to parents' right to choose!

The Left is clearly full of shee-it. All propaganda, all the time. It's a wonder anyone bothers to listen to them anymore, as the Left simply won't stop lying and pushing its crap onto others, with unmitigated nerve and gall and brainless fury.