Sunday, August 02, 2009

Smoking Gun: Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate?

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Last week, a counterfeit document purporting to be Obama's Kenyan birth certificate made the rounds of the Internet, but was quickly determined to be fraudulent. The new document released by Taitz bears none of the obvious traits of a hoax.

Taitz told WND that the document came from an anonymous source who doesn't want his name known because "he's afraid for his life."

Taitz's motion, filed yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, requests the purported evidence of Obama's birth – both the alleged birth certificate and foreign records not yet obtained – be preserved from destruction, asks for permission to legally request documents from Kenya and seeks a subpoena for deposition from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"I filed the motion with the court asking for expedited discovery, which would allow me to start subpoenas and depositions even before Obama and the government responds," Taitz told WND. "I am asking the judge to give me the power to subpoena the documents from the Kenyan embassy and to require a deposition from Hillary Clinton so they will be forced to authenticate [the birth certificate].

"I'm forcing the issue, where Obama will have to respond," she said.

"Before, they said, 'You don't have anything backing your claims,'" Taitz explained. "Now I have something. In fact, I have posted on the Internet more than Obama has. My birth certificate actually has signatures."

The importance? If this is for real, then Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the President of the United States of America and is a fraud.

Well, we'll see soon enough!

Hey, if the Left can bash Sarah Palin with conspiracy theories, big lies, smears, sexist innuendo and phony, rejected ethics complaints and make it impossible for her to do a good job as Alaska Governor, and the Big Media and Obama himself think it's just fine to do that to her, well, then it's perfectly acceptable to demand that Obama PROVE he was born within legal, sovereign United States territory as required by the US Constitution to be President!

UPDATE: Chuck Norris demands release of Obama's real birth certificate*Ey9*YU*j4BSCcwCaJJ-sRpEa4*FKik*4hdTO996KQ1swwftPS/chucknorris.jpg

Better pick up that phone and tell Hawaii to let him see it, Barry. Or else Chuck Norris will open a can of WHOOP!TM on your skinny Islamo-communist ass, and he'll mess up those frickin' ACORNies of yours while he's at it!

Chuck Norris don't take no crap from no one. Better prove you're not an impostor!

See, unlike most folks, Chuck Norris isn't afraid of the Big, Bad, Left-Wing Propaganda Machine and their "fringe-element-wacko-conspiracy-theorist" smears against him and others who merely demand that their supposed "President" simply obey the Constitution!

Still, your press secretary, Robert Gibbs, continues to glibly brush aside the issue by calling it "fictional nonsense." But, in so doing, he devalues the grievance passage of the First Amendment and insults those who are genuinely concerned and inquisitive by categorizing them all as political quacks. He needs to learn that you can't model tolerance for certain minorities while belittling and quarantining those who don't blindly follow your lead.

Believe it or not, I'm not writing you to challenge whether you were born in America, though I see nothing wrong with the American public voicing that constitutionally based grievance with someone in your esteemed position. As one blogger wrote, after all, "We aren't talking about a 12-year-old qualifying to play Little League here." Or as Ronald Reagan once said, "Trust but verify."

Well, Americans trusted, but they didn't verify. Now they're having second thoughts and want verification. And they're entitled to it. Obama is NOT entitled to deny it!

Mr. President, you promised the American people that you are "committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government." In fact, on July 23 in your prime time press conference, you said that your administration was more transparent than those of previous presidencies: "I think that we have provided much greater transparency than existed prior to our administration coming in."

So again I ask, why not live out that transparency promise by posting your original birth certificate and end the division and debate?

Does Obama want to insult Chuck Norris? Will he dismiss Chuck Norris as a nutty conspiracy theorist? I think that'd be quite unwise, for obvious reasons.

And I suspect that Americans will listen to Chuck Norris. Everybody listens to Chuck Norris! 'Cause they'd better!

UPDATE 2: HuffPost blogger, college prof: Release birth certificate

Professor Carol Swain.
Is she a right-wing-extremist-wacko-racist conspiracy theorist, too?
Guess so, according to prevailing Obamite illogic!

"I believe that the president should end the speculation by being transparent about all aspects of his background," Swain said. "In fact, it can be argued that the president belongs to the people and to scholars, biographers and others who are entitled to know every aspect of his past. Only great men can ascend to this height, and their lives should be examined and studied for the lessons they offer."


"I do find it problematic that the White House doesn't just release the document and end the discussion," she told WND. "It's so easy to do. I think most of us do have our birth certificates in our important papers at home."


The very fact that Obama has fought tooth and nail to prevent any release of his original long-form birth certificate – as well as other documentation – "suggests there's something that the president has decided not to share with the public."

"Here's the issue for me," Swain told WND. "I think that by not releasing it, it makes [some] people much more passionately opposed to the president. That causes ordinary people to have dinnertime conversations about the topic."

Come on, Obama. People want you to do this very simple, very easy, very reasonable thing. Just do it. Why not? What are you hiding?

This won't go away, and it's only going to grow, grow, and keep on growing. It'll get to the point that you'll have to resign, because all these people will be saying they don't trust you because you're obviously hiding something.

Sarah Palin resigned as Alaska Governor for less than that. What, are you going to dig in, hellbent on ramming your puppetmasters' agenda through, no matter what?

Pick up the gosh-darned phone already, man!

Andrew Sullivan, influential commentator, author and winner of "Best Blog" 2008, weighs in, too

(Emphasis mine)

But why are we supposed to rely on the testimony of Dr Fukino, whom I believe entirely. It is not my job as a journalist or yours as a citizen to take public officials on trust. They are not to be trusted, whoever they are. It is our job to demand all the evidence we want or need. I know the electronic record is legit. I have no doubt that Obama has every constitutional right to be president. I think the Birthers are nuts. But there is no reason on earth that the original cannot be retrieved and shown. Jon Klein and CNN were wrong, and I retract my apology of yesterday.