Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Palinophobia Of The Arrogant Elite

You know, there's nothing to fear but fear itself, for fear is irrational when the Left desperately wants you to have it.

So what's the problem of the elites, both on the Left and on the Right?

Many have postulated in vain as to why such an energizing presence in the party has been soundly rejected by its “inner circle.” Yet despite phony attempts at eloquence and deep analysis, it is clear that somehow, the basic integrity and common sense that Palin exudes are themselves the offending factors. All of that “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” rhetoric may look good engraved on the monuments and surely sounds good in campaign ads, but this is just not how things are done in Washington anymore.

When measured against the current “ruling class,” Palin's faults, or more precisely, those qualities about her which critics attempt to manufacture into faults, are trivial at worst. More pertinently, the derisive commentary is far more reflective of truly serious character defects on their own part. Sadly, many of them claim to lean to the political right.


Over time, a disturbing pattern of arrogance and elitism has revealed the mindset of the average Beltway insider, regardless of political affiliation, to be self-absorbed and disdainful of the hopes, dreams, and concerns of real America. As a result, on one issue after another, although the people of the heartland are steadfastly committed to their heritage and their roots, elected officials obsessively seek to move the country away from such things. Those entrusted to protect the rights, liberties, and property of the common man are instead fixated on vast increases in the concentration of power and wealth at the federal level, with the average citizen required to pay the bill.

Throughout her public life, Sarah Palin has steadfastly opposed such entities, and in stark contrast to the mutual “back-scratching” corruption that permeates Washington, has dealt severely with any breaches of ethics on both sides of the political aisle. Rather than being “of the Ivy league” and for her own ambitions, she has made the difficult decisions needed to eradicate the facades and restore public confidence in the workings of government in her state. And it is clearly this personality trait, and the resolve to act on it, that makes her a hero to the citizenry, and a mortal threat to the “establishment” regardless of party affiliation.

Those who demonstrate an irrational fear of Sarah Palin and who engage in petty, uncalled-for attacks against her, be they Left or Right, it's obvious that the real problem they have with her is that she threatens their culture of entitlement and corruption and that she truly represents ordinary Americana.

Palin's detractors don't want a real President; they want a puppet, and since Palin is no puppet, they seek to exclude her, to attempt to defeat her before she's even had a chance to tell Americans about herself and what she stands for.

And, no doubt about it, compared to Sarah Palin, Barack Hussein Obama is a stink bomb.

You know someone's good when the corrupt, arrogant snob elites attack them.

And the Big Media talking heads and the brainless Hollyweirdoes... well, what can I say about them? They're just a lunatic-fringe mob of sexist conspiracy theorists, obviously.

The very same people who irrationally condemn and attempt to marginalize those who properly, legitimately demand proof that Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President are the same people who try to fabricate conspiracy theories about Sarah Palin and invent awful, horrible fictions about the lady. Such hypocrisy. Sarah Palin is the exact opposite of those lunatically intolerant bigots, and this is precisely why they throw their own crap at her. And it's why Americans should take a proper, fair, open-minded look and listen to Sarah Palin as their potential President.

The Arrogant-Elite Attack Machine can be defeated.

Don't listen to the bad guys. Listen to Sarah Palin and think for yourself.

The bad guys have nothing real to throw at Sarah Palin, so they make stuff up out of thin air, fabricate big lies and use them to smear her.

Compared to the terminally corrupt, baggage-burdened, incapable-of-independent-thought and hopelessly-out-of-touch-with-ordinary-Americana Obama, Sarah Palin is clean and spotless.

And she is eligible to be President...