Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ortega Now Wants What Zelaya Wants

Those Latin American Left-Wing Totalitarian-wannabes...

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has already re-written his country's constitution (hey, Hitler did that, too, with Germany's own, didya know?) been successfully moving towards totalitarian national socialism (just like Hitler's own national socialists) in Venezuela.

Zelaya attempted to go there in Honduras and was rightly removed from power and exiled for his own protection by the lawful, constitutional actions of the authorities charged with upholding the law and constitution in case of illegal, unconstitutional behavior by the President (naturally, his good buddy Obama was alarmed at this unacceptable interference by those awful, inconvenient "right-wing extremists", "teabaggers", "Astroturfers", etc., etc. who keep standing in the way of the whole Hopechangery thing Obama wants to impose on Americans against their will).
Photo: Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua, with his good buddy, the hateful, Satanic, murderous tyrant of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

What's up with the contemporary Axis comradeship between socialists and Islamofascists? Oh, of course... the Islamofascists were on the same side with the Nazis in WWII, after all, so nothing new there. Socialists and Islamofascists are apparently cut from the same cloth, though one side is atheist and the other side, ironically, isn't, and actually hates atheists to death, which makes their continued comradeship essentially impossible in the event that they somehow succeed at joint world domination (upon which they're both hellbent)...

Now Daniel Ortega wants to be a totalitarian socialist, too.

His timing was impeccable. The ongoing political crisis in Honduras began when its former president, Manuel Zelaya, tried to rewrite the Honduran constitution in hopes of changing term-limit requirements and prolonging his presidency. Now Ortega wants to do something very similar. Like Zelaya before him, he is following the Hugo Chávez playbook. The radical Venezuelan leader rewrote entirely his country's constitution shortly after taking office in 1999, and earlier this year he succeeded in demolishing presidential term limits. Two other Chávez imitators, President Evo Morales of Bolivia and President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, have also changed their countries' constitutions. The pattern is unmistakable: Chávez established the model, and his fellow populist leftists are copying it.

Ortega desperately wants to be just like his evil socialist totalitarian comrades.

And you know what?

Obama, the so-called President of the United States (pending proof of American-soil birth, via his original, long-form birth certificate being released, which he's spent $1.4 million to keep a secret so far), has indicated that he dislikes the Constitution and wants to re-write it (to suit his puppetmaster(s) and probably also enable him to be President as long as they want, no matter what, including the "natural-born" requirement, obviously).

No wonder Obama supports Zelaya and is so chummy with Chavez, who appears to be exerting significant influence on Obama, having told him to "make America into a socialist nation", after which Obama has been acting fast and furious to nationalize whatever he can get ahold of and fire lots of business leaders at whim.

Not to mention Obama's obvious hidden agenda to nationalize healthcare with the hidden agenda of killing off inconvenient, supposedly-unproductive civilians deemed unworthy of the cost of lifesaving medical assistance.

Why the hell should Americans be expected to trust this un-American socialist-totalitarian wannabe?

I'm afraid things could very well get much uglier if Obama continues to attempt to push Americans so hard...
It's already ugly enough, as we've seen! Pity that the Democrats and Obama are so deluded as to believe that the millions of ordinary Americans angry at their fascism are nothing more than a fringe, an unruly mob sent by partisan opponents, an accusation that couldn't be any further from the truth.

The American People (those who know better than the Obammers) aren't stupid and know better than to trust the obvious liar, Obama. They can see through his lies right to his obvious hidden, frightening agenda for them and their country.