Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama Pal Chavez's Supporters Beat Journalists
Socialist fascists of the Americas: Obama, l, Chavez, r, and the exiled Zelaya, looking on

Story here.

"A man hit me over the head with a stick," reporter Maria Rondon told Ultimas Noticias. Another journalist, Sergio Moreno, said a woman struck him on the back with a rock.

Not only does Obama's good buddy Chavez shut down numerous opposition radio stations, now we see Venezuelan journalists being beaten by Chavez's own Purpleshirts (or brownshirts or blackshirts or whatever they're called).

Reminds me of Obama's Purpleshirt thugs beating up dissidents. Didn't you hear? Not if you rely on the Old Media, which worships Obama and everything Leftist and will cover up inconvenient stuff to protect their comrades.

These socialist fascists, they're all alike. And as far as Obama can be like Chavez, I guarantee he'll sure as hell try. Probably shut down Rush Limbaugh and ban FOX News and censor the internet, blocking Yours Truly, amongst many others.

Don't believe it? Well, then, you haven't been paying attention to the Obama-Democrat Regime's proposed laws to impose controls onto inconvenient press, namely talk radio and the internet (leaving TV and newspapers alone, but no surprise here, as they're dominated by the Left, so no need to bully them by imposing "fairness" on them).