Saturday, August 08, 2009

Motor Trend Magazine: Propaganda Pusher For Obama Regime?

Story here.

First thing you notice in the post is the phrase "far right". It's at that point that you know the mentality of the writer, ie. he's a Leftist.

General Motors, Chrysler and the auto industry -- not the banking industry -- continue to be the whipping boys for members of the far right who paint the Obama administration not as post-supply side Keynesians, but as unmitigated socialists. Ron Bloom, the new chairman of the Treasury department's Automotive Task Force, tried to address that at the Center for Automotive Research's annual conference here Wednesday.

And someone who incredibly blames capitalism for the problems of General Motors and Chrysler.

And yet, even with Wall Street's support, a small, but vocal contingent in the U.S. see any government intervention as detrimental to the very core being of capitalism. Detrimental to unbridled capitalism, perhaps. The ravages of unbridled capitalism is, after all, what exacerbated GM's and Chrysler's problems in the first place.

Sheesh! The stench of Marxism... Eww!. Apparently Motor Trend has this sort of folk on the inside. Blaming the "ravages of unbridled capitalism", as if it were demonstrated that capitalism caused the problems. How dogmatic! But not surprising, as Leftists instinctively blame things that go wrong on anything that isn't Leftist, like capitalism.

Of course, it's the Left's fault that the auto industry in America failed. Just look at the greedy unions and at Leftist government policies that caused the US auto industry's costs to become unbearable and led to its near-collapse.

And get a load of this Far-Left gobbleddygook propaganda and infantile namecalling against the American People:

Nevertheless, with most of this crowd reassured by these Keynesian efforts to rebuild the auto industry, and with it a manufacturing-based economy, on Tuesday, so-called tea-baggers loudly protested a congressman's press conference on extending the Cash for Clunkers bill at a St. Louis dealership. Why? Because it gave government-funded rebates to get consumers back into car dealerships? Because the $1-billion Cash for Clunkers program was more successful at stimulating the economy than George W. Bush's $600-per-taxpayer rebate last year?
Why do the tea-baggers hate the auto industry so much?

Here we again have a Leftist journalist from the Far Left dismissing the American People as "teabaggers".

Get a load of the unfounded claim that the Cash-for-Clunkers scheme has supposedly "stimulated" the economy more than Bush's big tax rebate did. Clearly this guy should stick to writing about cars and trucks and stay away from subjects like economics and politics. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

That's Todd Lassa, Motor Trend's Detroit Editor. Obviously an Obamite. And a propagandist.