Friday, August 07, 2009

Hawaii State Senator Intro's Bill To Force Disclosure Of Obama B.C.

"Birther": Hawaii State Senator Will Espero.
Guess he's nuts, too...

OMG!!! A birther!!!

Hawaii state Sen. Will Espero, a Democrat, has confirmed plans to introduce legislation through which the state's lawmakers would force the public disclosure of all President Obama's birth documents held by the Hawaii Department of Health, including President Obama’s long-form original birth certificate.

Espero told WND his bill is aimed at "giving citizens access to birth records" under a standard of government transparency which would permit journalists to request in writing the public disclosure of vital birth records including long-form birth certificates of all persons born in Hawaii. He said it would include the release of birth records on those previously born in Hawaii.

"My decision to file the legislation was primarily a result of the fuss over President Obama's birth records and the lingering questions," Espero said.

Espero told WND that he believes President Obama was born in Hawaii.

Of course, to believe is one thing; to know is another entirely.

We may believe that Obama was telling the truth about being born in Hawaii, or not. But guess what? We don't know!

In order to know, as opposed to merely believe, we must see the original, long-form birth certificate, period.

That's the bottom line.

Again, for the ignorant who don't know what all the fuss is about, *sigh*... The Constitution requires that the President be born in America, period. If Obama was, then fine. But if he wasn't (and we really don't know at all), then it's a very serious problem.

The Constitution is sarcosanct and must be obeyed. Period.