Sunday, August 09, 2009

Entitlist 'Artists' Plot Strategy To Take More Tax Dollars

I don't know what the hell that is, nor do I care. But it's offensive and intolerable to me that the "artist" who claims to have made that stupid thing (they could've simply pulled it out of their washing machine's filter and balled it up or something) believes s/he's somehow entitled to take some money away from me just because s/he made it. I didn't ask them to make it, so why the hell must I pay them for it? And why should I buy them a plane ticket so they can show it off to the world?

Story here.

Art groups are upset the government refuses to reinstate two funds -- the $7.1-million Trade Routes program and the $4.8-million Arts Promotion program -- that helped with international travel and marketing.

The government maintains the programs were inefficient.

Trade Routes spent $5 million paying people to "push paper" and only $2 million went to the artists, said Heritage Minister James Moore's spokeswoman Deirdra McCracken.

The programs are not coming back, McCracken said, adding the Harper government is spending $540 million over two years for arts and culture in a recession period.

Seriously, the artists can make do without tax dollars.

It's offensive that they believe they're entitled to take our money.

After all, not everyone gets to enjoy a check from the taxpayers to do what they like doing for a living.

There is no entitlement. But some seem to believe that there is.

Hey, let's demand that the artists provide their art for free, because the People are entitled to it. How about that? Wonder what they'd say to that? That we're not entitled to free art?

Well, they're not entitled to produce whatever stuff they produce, call it "art" and demand we give them money just because they produced it, without any indication from us that we wanted it and would pay them for doing it.

Who are they to say, "We did this, we did that, we don't care if you wanted it or like it, but give us money anyway, just because"?

Besides, I can't afford to pay higher taxes, especially for stuff I don't want and have no use for, dammit!

I'll vote Conservative, even if all arts funding is eliminated. Really. The artists can vote for any of the far-left-wing parties if they want; I don't care (they probably will, anyway, even if they get everything they want from the Conservatives).