Thursday, August 06, 2009

Desperate Dems Demonize Dissenters

The Obama Regime has really shown its true colors.

And it's clear that Obama lied when he said, about criticizing and disagreeing with his Republican predecessor, "Dissent is patriotic". He lied, big, fat, hairy-ass time! Yep. Obama is a big, fat, hairy-ass liar!

When you, a "Progressive" Hard-Left-Wing Fascist, can't convince (fool) the People that what you're proposing is good for them, what do you do, if you're hellbent on imposing it onto them no matter what?

You de-humanize them, call them horrible names, issue absurd, unfounded accusations, openly engage in bizarre conspiracy theorizing without offering a shred of evidence, etc., etc...

Remember when the Democrats' "Community Organizers" and their various neo-communist propaganda/hire-a-thug-mob organizations, such as ACORN and CodePink, would organize phony "protests", using mentally-disordered youth in bizarre getups, handing them the most outrageously defamatory, hateful signs and giving them the most astonishingly assinine talking points ever conceived, to demonize not only President Bush, but also America, the Troops, Israel, Jews, etc...?

Well, when the People (not those youthful thugs gathered by the "Community Organizers") don't like what the Democrat-Obama Regime is trying to impose upon them and decide to demonstrate, what do the Democrats do? They do the crap we're seeing them do. They aggressively slander the American People, the Voters, who put them into power. They run away from the town halls, acting like big, paranoid babies, saying "they're gonna kill me!" and opting instead for video-conferencing, where they're in complete control of the audience's questioners and questions. Cowards.

It's clear that the Democrat-Obama Regime doesn't care what the American People want and don't want. The Regime fully intends to implement whatever hidden agenda's been dictated to them by the Man/Men Behind The Curtain. Their job is to impose on the American People whether they like it or not and to be intolerant of dissent.

It's only going to get uglier, precisely because the Regime is so disrespectful of the American People for whom they're supposed to be working, rather than working against!