Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dems' Nasty Attack Ad Calls American People "Fringe Birther Mob"

Sounds like some stupid insanity that might've been spewed by the likes of Nazi Propaganda chief Josef Goebbels, the guy in the picture below.

Methinks the Democrats do protest too much.

Just look at their own mob!

And watch them do their thing...

And just look at those Democrat Attack Mobsters doing the Nazi salute...

You know, the Obama Regime is attacking any and all dissent, period. The Regime is demonizing ALL who dare to oppose THE AGENDA.

What next, they'll move from using their Sturmabteilungen on to sending out their murderous Schutzstaffel?

I'm surprised they didn't just blame and demonize "The Jews".

Of course, anyone who's not a "Progressive" Leftist Submissive Obama Worshipper is a Jew now.

The Regime is doing this shit because they're desperately hellbent on imposing their evil, murderous "healthcare reform" agenda that includes a plan to kill off more and more elderly human beings to help save money...

First they confiscate Americans' money to kill babies in America and worldwide. But that's not enough for them, so they move on to the elderly.

Who's going to be their next target?

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Keith Ablow, a New York Times best-selling author and Fox News Channel contributor, told the Glenn Beck television show that calling opponents of the legislation promoted by President Obama and the Democratic majority "a mob" classifies them as subhuman.

"This sounds familiar," he said, describing it as sounding a little like "that slope to totalitarianism."


Ablow said the Democratic description of such constituents as "a mob" is intended to intimidate, too.

"Nobody does want to be called crazy," he said. "By (describing) the opposition as non-people, as not thinking people, who would want to line up, other than patriots I might suggest, and (be part)," he said.

What do you expect from the Democratic Party, the Party of the Ku Klux Klan? See? They're the same folks even in this day and age. Ironic, isn't it? Then again, Obama himself is a demonstrated racist. The two sides of the supremacist coin who populate the Democratic Party are now united in their hatred of the American People and of America. Of course, if they ultimately succeed in implementing their horrific AGENDA, they'll once again turn against one another. Kind of like the Sunnis and Shiites, like the Nazis and the Islamofascists.

You know, Democrats will meet with all kinds of detestable folks. The other day Bill Clinton met with Kim Jung-Il. Obama wants to meet with the horrifically monstrous Ahmadinejad. And this Democrat...


Big Liar Nancy Pelosi: "They're carrying swastikas"

Sheesh. Another Big Lie, unless she can prove it, which I doubt, unless the alleged swastikas would be on the armband of effigies of Herr Obama.

And this reminds me of when Liberal MP Hedy Fry told the Big Lie that "crosses are burning as we speak".


American People will not be intimidated, will not be silenced, will continue to speak up for themselves against oppressive Regime

You know, the Democrats don't like people exercising their Constitutional rights, don't like people invoking the First Amendment, don't like people exercising democracy. Why, therefore, are they called "Democrats"? They're not democratic; they're totalitarian. They were elected by the People to represent the People, but they refuse to do so; they prefer to IMPOSE on the People.

THAT'S what Obama meant by "CHANGE".

The Democratic Party should from now on be called the Demagogic Party.