Sunday, August 09, 2009

David Frum Knows Not Whereof He Speaks

Frum's blah-blah here.

He just doesn't get it.

Fails to address the REAL issue.

Which is...

...did Obama ever actually prove that he was born on American soil? Yes or no? And with what? To whom?

Did he show his original, long-form birth certificate, which we know (or ought to) by now is the only thing that will acceptably prove that he meets the Constitutional requirement that he be born on U.S. soil if he's going to be eligible to be President?

It's absolutely false that the document uttered by the Obama Campaign, falsely claimed to be Obama's "birth certificate", is proof of U.S.-soil birth. The "Certification of Live Birth" is NOT the "Certificate of Live Birth", you see. See the difference I highlighted there? "Certification" versus "Certificate". Only the latter is the birth certificate with the true indication of country of birth. The former is merely a condensed document, based on the latter, indicating a Hawaii registration of a birth that could've occured anywhere in the world.

The original birth certificate, the "Certificate of Live Birth" is safely hidden away under lock and key, heavily guarded, and Obama has been paying a legal team for months some million dollars by now to ensure that it stay this way. Obama is desperately doing everything possible to avoid having to prove whether he was truly born in the U.S., as he claimed and was believed by authorities without showing the document as proof. Why they believed him without proof is a question for another day, but the point is that Obama never proved to anyone that he was born on American soil, as required by the Constitution to be eligible to be President.

Period. That's it.

And I'm disappointed that someone of David Frum's caliber failed to mention this. Why he didn't, I don't know. Perhaps he's underinformed. Or perhaps he just forgot the only question that actually matters. Either way, I'm disappointed. As I am in some other prominent conservative intellectuals who also don't seem to understand the real issue, preferring to babble about "birthers", "conspiracy theorists" and focus on the citizenship of Obama, which is not in question at all, except by folks who confuse "natural-born" with "citizen". After all, an immigrant can become a citizen, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who we all know cannot ever become President because he wasn't born in America, ie. he's not "natural-born".

We don't know whether Obama was born in America or not. We really don't. Because it's not proven. And Obama refuses to prove it. He refuses to order the release of his real birth certificate for the purpose of providing such proof.

Come on, folks... it's a lot simpler than you've been led to think. Focus on the one question, please, and forget the silly sideshows and irrelevant namecalling crap.