Friday, August 07, 2009

Canada Taking Serious Measures Against Russian Arctic Threat

Despite the inexplicable belief of some that Russia is not any kind of potential threat to North America, Canada under the Harper Conservative government wisely takes no chances that those folks could be proven wrong.

Those who have been keeping a keen eye on the Evil Empire for the past several years know that Russia is NOT to be trusted. To think otherwise is to be Chamberlainian.

Just a month after two nuclear-powered Russian subs cracked through sea ice near the North Pole to test fire two long-range missiles, the Canadian military will conduct "anti-submarine warfare" exercises during its annual Arctic sovereignty operation, which begins this week near Baffin Island.

The massive training mission, involving some 700 personnel from the Canadian Forces and a host of federal and territorial agencies, will also feature a simulated security emergency involving a "suspected downed unmanned aerial vehicle."


While planning for Nanook 09 has been going on for months, the recent Russian missile tests and the planned bolstering of northern military might among all five polar nations gives this year's war-games exercise in Nunavut an added sense of real-world currency.

Lazy-minded "progressives" can tell themselves that there's nothing to worry about, that there's no one who could ever want to attack, invade or otherwise take anything away from Canada or America, because, well, to them it's somehow inconceivable, despite all the historical evidence that such evil intentions and actions have always been 100% real. I guess the "progressives" aren't aware of Russia's close alliances with all the obviously very evil, greedy nations on earth, plus her breakneck pace of amassing her military and offensive weapons of mass destruction. Not to mention her invasion of Georgia, who never laid a finger on Russia, and deliberate targeting-for-slaughter of innocent Georgian civilians, with impunity and without the sort of widespread demonization from the "international community" as is always being suffered by the always-under-attack Israel, who struggles to survive, a tiny little sliver of land, a Jewish refuge in a hateful, hostile, massively overwhelming Islamic world and an also-hostile world at large...

Besides, our national anthem ends with,

"...we stand on guard for thee".

But I guess snobbish, pampered "progressives" would rather have their fancy galleries of disgusting, offensive "art", paid for by insane cuts from our national defence forces...