Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PM Warns Against Socialist-Separatist Coalition

Can't allow it to happen:  Harper

I agree.  Look how it worked out for America, with their hard socialist axis in power.

“If we have one duty to this country, it is to make sure a Liberal, NDP, Bloc Québécois coalition can never govern this country,”


“The next election will be a choice between a coalition government of the Liberal, NDP and Bloc Québécois, or a stable Conservative majority government for this country,” 


Choose your Canada.

Remember, as Mr. Harper said,  

"The best is yet to come".


Jen said...

PM after giving his routine speech came out blazing against the coalition but here is the thing which the media has made a point not to mention knowing full well that the public will not allow nor vote and that is to include THE BLOC in their coalition topic. One of many tricks of the msm. Con the public, leave out the 'bloc' and presto people will assume that the coalition 'IS' between the NDP/LIB.
PM went or is going to NB, check out to see if one word from him was heard or seen on television there.

By the way CS, did you that the opposition parties and media favourite Taliban had 27 afghan men chained and tortured. TORTURED.
Not a peep in the media.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Harper's coming to NB on the 19th to gather with party faithful.

The media here is largely owned by the billionaire Irving Clan, of Big Oil notoriety and of LIBERAL LOYALTY, so, well, chances of fair-and-balanced reportage, is, well, IFFY. Pun! LOL