Wednesday, August 04, 2010

ANONYMOUS Employee LIED About Guergis Airport Behavior

Caught... with their pants down and their hands all gooey with a BIG LIE!  

Liberal MP Wayne Easter:  What a KNOB!

Who?  Liberal MP Wayne Easter and the Old Media, for believing some ANONYMOUS airport employee making unsubstantiated claims about a beautiful Conservative female Cabinet Minister (who just so happens to be married to a visible-minority Muslim Conservative ex-MP, perhaps together with him being the target of a vicious Hard-Left smear campaign designed to discredit the diversity apparent within the Conservative Party).

So an ANONYMOUS airport employee sends a letter to a Liberal MP (Wayne Easter), who goes yelling to the Old Media about the explosive lies contained therein as if it was fact... and the Old Media hollers at us as if it was fact, too... not bothering to verify at all.

And I get blasted all the time for simply saying what people say?  But... I'm only a lowly blogger, not an elected representative of the People, a Member of Parliament, nor am I the Old Media, upon whom millions of Canadians continue to foolishly depend for "information" and "news".  So the blasting I get is misdirected by those who deal it out and should be directed instead where it's most needed, those actually in a position of, well, influence.

Clearly, a LOT of people owe both Ms. Guergis and the Conservatives a huuuuuuge apology for their lies and smears and carrying on.  Liberal MP Wayne Easter, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, other Liberals, NDPers, the Old Media, etc., etc...

Ms. Guergis has been exonerated of any wrongdoing by the RCMP, and by the security videotape of the airport "incident".

But will the liars apologize, make a mea culpa?  Oh, no... likely they'll just try to make it all go away, making themselves scarce, hoping people will just forget and move on...  Shame!

See how people sooooo unfairly, dishonestly, viciously, mean-spiritedly treat the Conservatives?  Always eager to grab a little piece of anonymous, unsubstantiated HEARSAY (like anonymous, unsubstantiated allegations of "mistreatment" of Taliban prisoners, such allegations treated as if fact, and used to bash the Conservatives and PM Harper incessantly, all day, day after day, week after week, month after month...  it's a friggin' "progressive"-movement JIHAD!)


Jen said...

The PM very wanted the police to investigate quietly into the Guergis affair but the opposition parties and the parroted useless good for nothing media went on and on on a daily basis bashing and inventing all sort of stories as days go by; it got to the point that the PM had no choice but to remove her from caucus, or, if he hadn't, the media & OP will never stop on bashing. Paliamentay work would never get started on bills.

In my opinion, the OP and their ARE very dangerous to have around; they have shown no respect of any to and for: Canada, canadians, military, innocent souls who suffer under terrorism, women and girls who are brutally murdered by the Taliban.

Apologies is not in the OP and media's dictionary. To them, it shows a sign of weakness which they can afford to show- they are made of stone anyway.

Jen said...

What happen to all the 'visible' comments CS? I know that I have written and so have others I'M sure.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'm getting them in moderation and publishing them. Surely they're being published... yours right here was. I've seen others publish ok.

Maybe there's a problem and some aren't, even though I click "publish" for them in moderation. I'll check all to make sure they're published ok from now on.

If they're disappearing, it's not me that's doing it, because since in moderation, there's no need to delete anything because I have the option in the first place of not publishing.

Will continue to monitor to make sure they all publish ok and don't disappear mysteriously.

Some people may have theirs published, and then decide to delete 'em themselves for some reason, by clicking the garbage-can icon underneath their comments.