Friday, August 13, 2010

New On FaceBook: Tea Party Of Canada

See it  for yourself...  No doubt the "Progressive" "Liberal" Left and the Old Media Journolistas will hate it and will engage in the standard namecalling, defamation, demonization, intimidation, etc... because those Leftist folks cannot tolerate anything that deviates from their own ideological orthodoxy, ie. political correctness.

The Mission:

We, the undersigned, ask candidates seeking public office within Canada to sign our compact committing themselves to the principles of peace, order, and good government and to enacting a legislative agenda containing the resolutions written below.



The property and subsequent privileges afforded by all Canadian subjects are inherited from their ancestors and upheld by the Crown of Canada through Divine Providence, and thus cannot be granted or taken away by any government officials either elected or appointed.


The common and civil laws inherited from the Crown are established by historical precedent. It is in within the natural family that life and property are maintained and protected. Wealth is created by individuals freely exchanging services and goods in the market.

Good Government

The proper role of government should be limited to providing only the most essential social services not afforded by the private sector, enforcing private business contracts, and supporting the Crown in administering justice and defending our sovereignty.

1. Respect the constitution

Require that every piece of parliamentary legislation respect the constitutional division of federal and provincial powers, and respect both written acts and unwritten legal conventions dating back to royal proclamations including the Magna Carta.

2. Cut and limit federal spending

Create a task force that will examine, each year, the areas in which mandatory spending by the federal government can be cut until expenditures are 35% or less of the GDP. Limit the growth of federal spending to sum of inflation plus the percentage of population growth except when emergency spending is required in wartime.

3. Demand a balanced budget

Adopt a special rule of order requiring a two thirds majority of parliament to pass a budget that includes a deficit or a tax increase except when wartime or national requires emergency spending measures required to protect public security.

4. Reduce corporate and personal income taxes

Work with the provinces to reduce combined federal and provincial corporate taxes to no more than 20% and combined federal and personal income taxes to no more than 30%. Increase consumption taxes in order to maintain a balanced budget.

5. Simplify taxation to one basic rate

Scrap progressive tax systems in favour of a simpler, single income tax rate system for both persons and businesses. Encourage each province to set up its own revenue agency for collecting provincial taxes. Eliminate payroll tax contributions to EI and the CCP.

6. Decrease regulation of industry

End the red tape facing industry, especially environmental legislation regulating occurring CO2 gases, labour laws that restrict how companies can deal with unions and broadcasting laws regulating content. Privatize crown corporations.

7. Amend the constitution

Begin work to change the constitutional amending formula to require passage by a clear majority in both chambers of parliament, and a majority in all ten provincial legislatures. It would include an equal Senate, provincial rights over immigration, the right to opt out of federal programs, and a strengthened “notwithstanding clause”. A renewed constitution must include Québec.

8. End equalization payments to provinces

Phase out the wealth transfer from the so-called “have provinces” to the “have-not provinces” by the federal government over a number of years. As a first step, wealth generated from natural resources should be exempt from the equalization formula.

9. Challenge federal government-run health care

Dismantle the Canada Health Act and return the exclusive powers to regulate health care to the provinces as stated in the constitution. Properly regulated privately-delivered health care services should be allowed alongside public delivery.

10. Stop intrusion into provincial jurisdiction

Defund federal programs that operate in areas of provincial jurisdiction such as education and environmental laws governing the extraction of natural resources. Each province should have its own police force to enforce laws under provincial jurisdiction.

11. Reject a carbon tax

Prevent new taxes placed on the carbon content of energy fuels or any cap-and-trade scheme that would place indirect taxes on consumers. Reliance on fossil fuels should be lessened through research into energy sources and private development of green technology.

12. Reform the immigration system

Preference should be given to English and French-speaking immigrants of Commonwealth and Francophonie countries who share our cultural values. Demand for skilled labour must precede humanitarian concerns.


Jen said...

Will tommy boy at ctv or taber or any of them say anything nice about the tea parties -what you think?

Canadian Sentinel said...

No way. It would be against their essential nature to even be fair to any Tea Party.