Monday, August 23, 2010

Canada’s big crime problem

Canada’s big crime problem: Goldstein

Unreported Incidents, Stubbornly High Crime Rate Genuine Cause For Concern: Goldstein  

Substantiating Minister Day's statements re the need for incarcerative facilities to get dangerous people off the streets.

 And shooting down the Hug-a-Thug Crowd's Christianophobia-dripping (vis-a-vis Mr. Day, that is) propaganda.

You know... When people don't believe in the (Liberal-softened) justice system, they won't report crimes anymore. So, ironically, beefing up the justice system will actually lead to more crime being reported, and to more criminals rightly being put behind bars.

It's fascinating how Leftists don't seem to think that it's a big deal that crime is staggeringly, stubbornly higher than it was in the early Sixties, when the Big Leftist Social-Reengineering Project began with the Pearson-Trudeau-Chretien-Martin Liberals, which the Ignatieff Liberals want to continue with a more-zealous-than-ever vengeance.

The Left is STUPID.  They don't understand the real world at all.  They make smart, sane people shake their heads grimly.

An excellent piece by Lorrie Goldstein.

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Jen said...

What shocks me is to see Robert Fife in prison to check out the numbers of those inmates who vote liberals and proudly announce it on television. Yet not once did he count the victims of those inmates.

Unfortunately for the PM what ever his intentions to put criminals behind bars for many years is not acceptable by the opposition parties nor by the national msm.

I blame the msm 100% for allowing the liberals and others do as they please while attack this PM.
The criminals, terrorists groups know where their bread is buttered heavily on: Lib-ndp-bloc-msm.