Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'Son of Hamas' Blasts Cordoba II Imam's Real Agenda


h/t: Mosab, himself.

Oh, right.  I can see the Supremacists and the Dhimmis saying that he's "got no standing to speak about it"... "because he's not a Muslim".  Or whatever other bullshit they've got to say.

Ah, but while he's an apostate, and a defector from Hamasian "Palestine" to Israel, one thing cannot be denied, and that's that GOOD MUSLIMS OPPOSE CORDOBA II HATE HOUSE AT GROUND ZERO!

Put that in your hashpipe, old dhimmi hippy dudes, and smoke on it.


One of the folks who approves of the Hate House location, here's a "Mahmoud cartoon" to depict him...

Oh, look, Mahmoud's schmeckel is so tiny you can't even see it!   Guess he's so horribly evil so as to compensate for his lack of manhood.  Probably blames the Joooooos for his nano-weeny.

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