Friday, August 06, 2010

Erik Rush: George Soros: Psychotic Puppet Master

Erik Rush: George Soros: Psychotic Puppet Master

The admitted, proud, unrepentant Nazi collaborator George Soros.
Obama's puppetmaster.


Jen said...

Frankly speaking, that whole white house is a disaster, just yesterday OBAMA'S close advisors on economics has resigned to return to teaching

Some excuse that he son in school needs her.

My feeling is that she sense the pressure arising and wants out.

Soros runs the ship to suit Soros at any cost.

∞ ≠ ø said...

You may have commented on this but incase it has gone unnoticed the Clinton's are having or had Chelsea’s wedding at Soros' massive estate in NY. They may have even "purchased" it from him.
(Sorry, I usually am sure to check these things but haven't had time.)
As the Obastard sail goes slack the wind now blows Clinton. (heh)

Soros got out before the advisor. He's behind Hillary now (insert blinding visual here)

Obastard is a used sock whose ineptitude will be used to resurrect Hillary. The whole Texas primary scandal will play well because there will be no punishments, just "electoral justice". And stupid Americans will predictably flock to elect the first "woman" (not sure on this either) president. It's in the bag for Soros already. So predictable. So sickening. So sad.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Soros... He's behind Hillary now"

Hey, thanks a lot... now I've gotta mop up the barf with which I carpeted my beautiful, Seventies'-vintage hardwood floor...

Canadian Sentinel said...

I've seen reports, too, about the Soros-property connection to the Chelsea nupitals. Appears to be quite true, though I think the property may be a Soros-family one rather than a Georgie-only one, not that it really matters.

No doubt that if Soros wants to give Bammy the boot, he can and will.

Scary thing is that Hillary's rep with the People has been rehabilitated by default. Apparently, the truthtellers of America now have their work cut out for them...

∞ ≠ ø said...

Agreed, and the phrase "nothing could be further from the truth" will be redefined. We are fortunate that the Obama crew showed some inexperience, and that even on the surface, the man is an illegitimate leader (let alone U.S. president) through and through.
With the Clinton machine, the cracks will be harder to find. Many of the barriers protecting the Constitution have been eroded by this corrupt administration and the slippery progressive ooze will spill free from the next, more covert, Washington seasoned, socialist regime. This ooze will harden into a shiny high gloss surface and potentially ruin the U.S. in a way that succession and insurrection will be the only viable alternatives.

As a practical demonstration, I recommend that C.S. allows the imagery induced vomit to metaphorically seep into the crevices of that vintage floor. Let it harden.... Then clean it up... you see... you'll need a whole new floor.
Time is of the essence.