Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wayne "Knob" Easter Pulls Another Prop Stunt

 Remember the guy who showed us his knob?  
Liberal dude Wayne Easter?
He's baaaack.

This time showing off his piggies, with a little help from a comrade.

Oh, yeah... he's a real serious dude.
Knobs.  Piggies.  What next to get attention?  Scrotal inflation?

Liberals hypocritically blast what they call 'startling' Tory patronage

Ah.  So.  One-in-five folks appointed to stuff by the Conservative government happens to like the Conservatives.  Eh?  That's all, just one out of every five?  That's hardly impressive at all.

If anything, I'd say they need to appoint MORE Conservatives.  To make the civil service representative!

After all, lots more than just one in five Canadians like the Conservatives, so what are the "representativeness"-obsessed Liberals complaining about?

They say that we MUST have "representativeness" in the public service, but don't call for it for Conservatives?  Oh, my!  See, folks?  Liberals discriminate!

What a waste of the reporters' time!  Calling a press conference to show off some stupid statues of pigs, and to declare that, out of every five appointees, just one happens to be a Conservative?  Well, I wonder how many of them are Liberals, then!

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