Saturday, August 07, 2010

Re. The Mega-Mosque Monstrosity @ Ground Zero

Hey, I got a great idea!  Let's set up a mega-gay-bar next door to the Mega-Mosque.  And a liquor store on the other side.  And a mega-porno-shop across the street.  Why not?  If they can set up that monstrosity, then we can set up ANYTHING near it, and they can't complain!

Oh, and Bloomberg's a dhimmi ass.

By the way, this does NOT have to happen.  Go to court and GET AN INJUNCTION!  Find the right judge who'll make the right ruling.  ;)


Anonymous said...

And don't forget the BBQ pork rib restaurant

∞ ≠ ø said...

I say let 'em build it. Either this country will be destroyed by socialism by the time it’s done. OR we will have a proper administration with proper intelligence legally proving the obvious terrorist links and seize all associated assets.

It would make a nice Jewish rec. center.

More likely to become the "Michael Bloomberg Center for the Arts."
(He's such an ass.) (Much like Soros he is.)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Seeing in the news now that other proposed mosques are facing opposition.

Churches, etc., face all kinds of political hurdles, whereas mosques get waved in past the velvet rope just like that, no ID, no questions asked. All Muslims admitted automatically... non-Muslims better be on The Officially Approved List.