Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'Critics' Don't Want Canada To Have National Defence

That's what the headlines would say if the Liberal-Media Complex was honest.

But, alas, they are NOT.

Everything the "critics" say has the effect of militating against modern, progressive defensive military ability.

"Ottawa moving by stealth".  Ah, another Hard-Left, non-serious, attack-talking point picked up by the Leftist Media.

The Neo-Communist Coalition in Parliament wants to keep Canada from having air superiority to defend her sovereignty.

 "Don't vorry.  Ve vill not attack you."

The Liberals (Comrade Mikhail Ignatiov), the NDP (Comrade Jackov Laytonsky) and the Separatists (Herr Gilmut Duceppels) want Canada to just let her guard down to the MiGs, Sukhois, Tupolevs and Chengdus of the Axis, when the Axis decides to attack and invade.  Oh, wait... the Hard "Peace in our time" Left says that's never going to happen, 'cause, hey, they talked to the Axis leadership and, hey, they were "nice" and actually conduct business with us, so there can't be any hidden agenda on their part... right?  See?  Piece of paper is proof!  Peace in our time!

See?  I have here a piece of paper that proves that the Axis will not attack us!  
Peace in our time!  We therefore don't need no stinkin' military!"

But soon thereafter...

Sheesh!  Fofecksake!  Chamberlain was such a dupe!

And here's Churchill:
"What'd I tell you fools?  See?  I told y'all!"

I'm sorry, but the Peacenik-Disarmists have NOT made any case.  They're demanding a case be made that actually is made by the available facts, and by common sense.

What alternatives are there, that match the requirements, including stealth?  None!

Tender?  These people don't understand the nature of the situation.  We just can't tender... do these knobs understand anything about modern fighter planes and how long it takes to design, develop, test and eventually produce a modern warplane?  It takes many, many, MANY YEARS!

Here, we already have a plane almost ready for production.  It's the one chosen.

Move on, Leftists.  The decision is made.  Live with it.

Your propaganda campaign can and will be used against you to call you traitors!

Bring it on.  People who have no case to make, yet demand others make the case, well, that's weak, weak, weak.

They're going against common sense.  They're cranks.  Lunatics.  Extremists.  Fringe elementists.  They're Useful-Idiot puppets of the Axis and its covert influencers.

No doubt those who oppose real national security for Canada are being covertly influenced by the Axis's agents.  The CSIS was right.

Let them carr on with the Big Lies Campaign against Canadian Defence Capability.

They will only defeat themselves in so doing.  They think they've got a winning issue.  They're dead wrong.

Tools.  Fools.  Useful Idiots.

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Dallas said...

One of the most astute quotes I have ever heard is from Winston Churchill:

"If you're not a socialist at age 20 you have no heart.

If you're not a conservative at age 50 you have no head."